APN Share Price Rises After Revealing Micro Site for Cannes Lens

Consumer cycle business APN Outdoor Group [ASX:APO] has recently launched Cannes Lens, a fresh new platform which acts as a collaboration of thoughts from the minds of creative individuals while turning them into insight.

Today APN’s share price grew by 2.10%, over the course of a year its shares have grown by 23.09%

APN have taken another step forward to innovate its brand by taking advantage of the Cannes event.

How Cannes Lens will continue to push APN in the right direction

Being a massive festival which features hundreds of speakers, Cannes Lions is a gathering of creativity.

With new breaches of tech every year, many individuals can push fourth their creative fundaments.

APN are aware of the potential Cannes Lions presents, which goes hand in hand with the festival.

Mumbrella reported that APN General Manager, Charlotte Valente stated,

Cannes is a massive event, with hundreds of speakers and 16,000 delegates. Cannes Lens is the perfect vehicle to focus on the best information from the most influential advertising event in the world, and create a daily product that will cover the key things our clients and partners want from Cannes.

The platform will have a significance to those avid creators, while marketing APN’s brand.

Keynote speeches and winning cases will be easy to access for those who are searching for their most favourable moments in the festival.

Its share growth also stems on a heathy and stable revenue, which occurred during the first half of 2018.

APN’s capital expenditure is in line with their previous guidance.

Its expenditure is expected to be scaled between $25 million–$30 million, which falls into its expected rates.

APN are focusing on delivering solutions which inspire creators to persue their talents.

Ryan Dinse

For Money Morning

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