Welcome to Weed Week

We want you to promise us something right now.

Before you read today’s Money Morning you have to do something. You have to pretend like you know nothing.

Pretend you’ve got a blank slate of a mind. A mind that’s open to new ideas. A mind that’s carrying no preconceptions, bias, influence or judgements.

We ask this of you because this week we’re hijacking Money Morning. The reason is simple. It’s ‘Weed Week’. Time to learn and celebrate what we think is as big a medical breakthrough as the discovery of penicillin.

Now that’s maybe a little extreme. But the idea is to get you clued up on one of the biggest medical changes the world has ever seen.

We get to speak to a lot of people about our work. We travel the world looking at the most cutting-edge tech breakthroughs. We get to research and speak to the companies that are some of the world’s finest.

Many are home-grown Aussie stars. Many are overseas movers and shakers. And over time we’ve spoken to countless numbers of incredible people. But many of them are still blinded by preconceptions and misunderstandings of the benefits of cannabis.

We’re used to the jibes we get the moment we bring up the subject:

‘Haha, a bunch of stoners now professors are they?’

‘How high do those conferences get?’

‘What are you, some kind of pro-weed hippy?’

‘I didn’t realise you were a drug user.’

We aren’t joking. Those are some of the reactions we’ve had when talking about this topic. A lot of people are dismissive of cannabis or blatantly against it. Or plainly offended.

To us, that’s like being dismissive of steroids for cancer patients. It’s like being anti-healthcare.

To those who have simply closed off their minds to cannabis, we say they’re ignorant and naïve.

Maybe that’s you? We’d hope not. But if you are ignorant and naïve to the medical cannabis revolution, then take the week off reading Money Morning.

If you can’t open your mind in the slightest to the medical benefits — and the investment benefits — you won’t enjoy our work this week.

However, if you think there’s something there, then read on my friend. This week is going to blow you away.

It’s all going to culminate in a very special event Friday. You’ll hear from us every day this week. Then, on Friday morning, keep an eye on your inbox for something very special.

But more on that later this week.

Today is the day we welcome you to the revolution!


Global change in effect

You’ve probably heard about cannabis before. And this is why it’s important to come into this with a fresh mind. What you think you know and what you really know may be very different things.

What you might not know is that we’re seeing the early stages of a global medical revolution. The kind of challenging research that some in medicine say is heresy. While others proclaim this could be the biggest opportunity of all time.

The industry itself is so young that we won’t know how it plays out for years to come.



All we know for certain is that the industry is real. And it’s potentially lucrative for investors willing to take a punt on the right opportunities at the right time.

What we also want to try and get away from is the idea of ‘getting high’. This is so far removed from the benefits of cannabis. Perhaps the only way to truly understand what this product can do is to hear real world examples of its use.

For example, this February in British Parliament, MP Paul Flynn proposed a private members bill. In the reading he told a story about Elizabeth Brice:

Elizabeth Brice was a remarkable lady who campaigned for many years in this House to re-legalise medicinal cannabis. She was a brilliant person. She was a television producer. Among her many achievements, she translated the Noddy books into Latin. She came here because, as a highly intelligent woman, she was struck down at the age of 26 with multiple sclerosis, which virtually destroyed her life and affected her young family. After 10 years of using medicinal drugs, she found one that gave her peace and relief from her spasms. She came to this House and had a cup of cannabis tea on the Terrace.

Our law states that Elizabeth Brice could have been sent to prison for five years for doing that.

Brice’s story is just one of thousands around the world.


Real world, real people, real change

According to the Guardian:

Billy [Caldwell] became the first child to be prescribed medicinal cannabis oil on the NHS. He then reportedly went 250 days without a seizure. However, his GP was later ordered by the Home Office not to renew the prescription or face disbarment.

Recently, Billy’s mum openly brought Cannabis oil back from Toronto to the UK. It was seized from her. After begging the government to give her child back his medicine, she was flatly denied.

Imagine having a sick child and being told you could not give him the medicine he needs to be healthy.

This is the plight of real families around the world, suffering because of archaic laws and a biased approach to medicinal cannabis.

While battles like the Caldwell’s are all too common, at least we’re starting to see some change. Yes, it’s still a taboo subject for many governments. But for others the doors are ajar and soon will be ready to fling wide open.

There’s a personal emotional narrative to the stories of Brice and the Caldwell’s. But there’s also a tangible, economic, factual side to them as well. And this side has perked the interest of global economies.

The test-model we watch with bated breath is the Canadian market. Canada has had a legal medicinal cannabis market for years. Not without its teething problems as well, we might add. And just last week the parliament passed the final reading of Bill C-45 to legalise recreational cannabis.

But it’s this ‘Canada Model’ that other countries are watching and learning from. Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil are all looking at how they can open their economies to this potential medical opportunity.

These countries are taking baby steps forward. They’re either creating public access schemes for medicinal marijuana, or are starting the process. They know there might be something there, but are yet to fully embrace the potential.

As they all move towards legal cannabis markets, we believe it will create a global boom in the research, development and usage of cannabis as a medical therapy and legitimate drug treatment. Our view on this is as a biotech opportunity — the new dawn of a biotech revolution — in cannabis.

And tomorrow, we’ll prove to you exactly why.



Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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