Who’s Leading the Cannabis Charge?

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Have you got the #fridayfeeling yet? Do you even know what that means?

If you’ve ever used social media you might see a ‘hashtag’ appear from time to time.

It’s a way to tag a specific topic for people to easily find. With so much noise online it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. But by adding a hashtag you can easily search for the topic you’re interested in.

For example if you add #fridayfeeling to a tweet, then everyone that’s sharing some ‘Friday Feeling’ can easily find your tweet.

#Fridayfeeling is one of the more popular hashtags that you can find on social media. According to Ritetag.com within the last 30 days #fridayfeeling had a peak exposure of 427 million on 1 June.

So if you can get a hashtag right, you can really target a huge audience. Interestingly on our twitter feed we’ve started seeing a particular group of hashtags appear recently.

These hashtags are becoming more common. And we believe that’s a positive sign views are changing. But what’s also interesting is we’re seeing big business start to use them to great success.



You’ve probably figured out by this point we’re talking about the increasing use of cannabis-related mentions on social media.

Hashtags like #cannabis, #legalization and #marijuana are all bringing awareness to this huge opportunity.

Again, according to Ritetag.com, within the last 30 days at its peak on 17 May #cannabis had peak exposure of 82.4 million. Now that’s not quite at the level of #fridayfeeling but it’s a massive reach.

This tells us that the conversation is changing.

It tells us that the average punter is starting to really figure it out.

And that means the companies at the forefront of the cannabis boom will soon become household names.

Names like Medreleaf, Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, AusCann, CannGroup, GW Pharmaceuticals and Tikun Olam may be the next Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline of the cannabis world.

For example, when you need to take paracetamol what do you normally say? In general, most people don’t say, ‘I need a paracetamol’.

They say, ‘I need a Panadol’.

Now Panadol isn’t the drug. The drug is paracetamol. Panadol is simply the brand name. It’s the brand of paracetamol owned by GlaxoSmithKline [NYSE:GSK], the US$101 billion pharma.

Right now there is no ‘household name’ in the cannabis industry.

Not yet at least. 

But with the progress of medicinal marijuana we see a select group of companies that might just become household names. And we even see a future where buying cannabis tablets will be as easy as buying Panadol.

Of course these cannabis tablets won’t get you high. In fact it’s likely they’ll only have cannabidiol (CBD) in them. It’s the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that has psychoactive responses.

That means if you’re taking CBD with virtually no THC, you’re not going to get high. And through research scientists are figuring out that CBD has potential therapeutic use.

We’ve heard industry players make this kind of comparison. The idea where you could buy CBD tablets at the supermarket just like Panadol.

But like we said earlier, you won’t ask which aisle the cannabidiol tablets are in. It’s more likely you’ll ask which aisle the CannTabs or CBtabs are in.

Those names by the way are just ones we made up. However we know that there are companies all around the world working on these kinds of drugs.

Drugs not drugs

What we should also encourage you to do is view these treatments as drugs…just not drugs. You see Panadol is a drug. Cough medicine is a drug. CBD is a drug.

But these are not drugs like heroin or cocaine. The term ‘drug’ can be a little misleading if taken out of context. So when we talk about CBD tablets or cannabis therapies it’s in the same context as ‘good drugs’.

And it’s the development of these good drugs by future household names that’s set to inspire global change.

Now we’ve mentioned a number of potential household names above. Some of these are local to Australia. Some are based overseas. But we think that of all the cannabis opportunities in the world, there’s one in particular that’s set to take the Aussie market by storm.

We’ve been researching this area of opportunity for almost two years now. We’ve travelled all over the world to find the most exciting companies to play the cannabis opportunity.

There are a number of great companies out there. But we’ve narrowed down our focus to find the most exciting ASX-listed cannabis company we think there is.

We’ve toiled away deep diving into the company to pull it apart and find its true potential.

And today we’re releasing a special briefing that tells you all about the company. It will explain the opportunity at hand and how you can play it as an investor. But perhaps most importantly, it will outline specific action to take to get your slice of the global cannabis charge.

To get access to our special briefing just follow this link or keep an eye on your inbox for more detail.

The cannabis opportunity at hand and the global change in attitudes is a perfect storm. Combined with our research into what we think is the best ASX cannabis stock for 2018 and you open yourself up to a huge potential windfall.

We are excited about the future of the cannabis market. We’re excited about the companies leading the charge. We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities for investors to financially benefit from ASX-listed stocks.

We think that early investment today will set up your portfolio long-term. In fact this could be the industry of the next decade. And you’ve got the best chance we think there is to get in on the ground floor.



Sam Volkering, Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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