The Benefits of a Legal Drug Deal

For decades marijuana was considered something to be afraid of. Something that we should protect our children from.

But times are changing. Now marijuana is something parents with sick children are begging to get their hands on.

It has become the ‘wonder drug’ to alleviate even the worst forms of pain.

Children who have epilepsy and experience up to 100 seizures a day have been given marijuana oils, and now haven’t had any symptoms in weeks and months.

Cancer patients, once in so much pain they can barely move, are now able to function once again. And it’s all thanks to marijuana.

Of course, we’re not talking about the kinds of marijuana products that recreational users enjoy. As far as we know, no one is arguing that those are appropriate for children. Instead, medical marijuana products tend to be refined in order to relieve pain, seizures or other symptoms, while removing the psychoactive effects.

Marijuana advocates aren’t likely to stop there, though.

In the US, some states have already legalised marijuana not only for medicinal purposes, but also for recreational use as well. And why not? It’s healthier than alcohol or cigarettes. According to DrinkWise — an organisation to help create a healthier drinking culture — alcohol has been linked to many different forms of cancer; bowl cancer in men, breast cancer in women, even mouth cancer.

DrinkWise also states that long-term drinking can cause liver failure.

Marijuana hasn’t been linked to any form of cancer or liver failure.

We’re not saying that you should start experimenting with marijuana. Or that it’s better for you or your children to smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol. But marijuana’s place on the wrong side of the law is wrong.

Canada seems to have recognised this.

On Friday 8 June, Canada passed a bill for the legalisation of marijuana. Now, it has come back with 50 or so amendments that still have to be debated, but it’s a further step towards the legalisation of the drug.

Australia has legalised medicinal marijuana, however, there are still a number of hoops that patients — and parents of patients — have to jump through before it’s allowed by law.

In the UK, there’s been a push for the legalisation, and other European nations such as Germany are also looking to legalise marijuana.

With so many nations wanting to get on board, there’s been a huge global push for the product.

So what does that mean for you?

With medicinal marijuana already in use, companies are rushing to keep up with demand for the product.

But when you factor in that some US states have already passed the legalisation of marijuana for adult use, and that Canada will mostly likely legalise cannabis for adult use within the next few months, demand must be met.

Either more companies will be created to supply cannabis, or the already existing companies will be able to grow and expand their production.

Likely, some mix of both.

As you can see in the graph below, the demand for cannabis in medicinal and recreational form is expected to continue to grow in years to come:

Money Morning 16-06-18

Source: Forbes; New Frontier Analytics
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While the medicinal form has been the most popular in the past — because it’s almost always legalised first — legal adult recreational use will nearly reach the same levels by 2025.

The fact that there’s an opportunity for investors is obvious. But how do you navigate the fast-changing world of legal cannabis investing, as so many new companies burst into existence? How do you avoid the inevitable failures, and find the success stories to emerge from this trend?

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