Facebook Share Price Rises After Going Through a Rough Year

This week Facebook [NYSE:FB]’s stock hit record high figures, going above $200 a share for the first time.

After going through data breach accusations — specifically regarding Russia using Facebook ads to influence the US elections — the social media giant has experienced its fair share of hardship.

And yet, they still managed to pull this record-breaking figure.

Their share price has jumped up 14% in the first half of 2018. Today alone, they jumped by 2.28%.

Facebook is on a roll. But will it continue?

Analysts expect Facebook’s revenue to increase throughout 2018

Facebook isn’t stupid. They know the game they’re playing.

They’re constantly butting heads with the new competition that continues to enter the social media playing field. But they have been playing smart. And they’ve made the perfect move to keep them on top of the social media ladder.

They bought Instagram before the picture-based platform knew their own potential.

Instagram is one of the largest and most relevant social media platforms to date.

But being aware on where the market was heading at the time, Facebook made the decision to buy out Instagram back in 2012.

And its’s likely that Facebook’s most recent growth stems from Instagram’s increased subscriber and usability rate amongst its users.

Instagram has recently announced its total user number now scales at 1 billion global users.

CNN Money reported:

Facebook still dominates social media, because of its core Facebook platform, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. And for advertisers, the company is, along with Google and YouTube, the place to be to attract the widest group of consumers possible.

Will they stay ahead, ahead of time?

Facebook’s future still looks to be intact for the most part. Investors are looking at huge potential growth for the social media giant.

They have the means to further expand its brand while developing new tech innovations — including its dating platform and VR functionality.

Facebook’s relevance exists on a broader scale than we all think.

They’ve invested in ways that give them a proper edge in the marketplace.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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