ClearVue Share Price Surges on Introduction to Australian Market

Shares of ClearVue Technologies Limited [ASX:CPV] are currently trading at 42.5 cents, up 6.25% from yesterday’s closing price.

Since listing on the ASX less than two months ago, ClearVue’s share price has had incredible growth — increasing from its initial price offer by 112.5%.

The Australian based company has developed advanced glass technology that preserves the aesthetic look of a building while generating electricity. The patented high-tech window allows visible light to pass through, while also converting it into electricity.

The commercialisation of ClearVue’s solar window tech

ClearVue’s share price increased shortly after announcing the successful certification of its solar window technology to Australian Standard AS 2047, allowing CleaVue windows to be sold in the Australian market.

AS 2047 is a mandatory test to ensure windows and doors meets the minimum Australian standard. To verify the product’s performance, the AS 2047 tests for air and water leakage, maximum deflection and strength under wind pressure, as well as operating force required to open and close the window.

ClearVue Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg, commented on the accreditation saying that it,

Represents a giant leap forward for the company. With this step we have now moved from being a research company into a commercial operation and are now able to commercialise our product in the Australian market. We are on track with the business plan outlined in our Prospectus and look forward to being able to announce to the market similar certifications and accreditations shortly.

ClearVue has also joined the Australian Window Association, the peak window industry body in Australia, to be nationally recognised as a liable choice for windows.

In addition, the company is undertaking AS 4284 certification testing on the company’s glass curtain wall product. They have also commenced accreditation and certification for their technology in Europe, with both results expected to be provided in August 2018.

ClearVue’s future commercialisation plans

This seems to be just the start of ClearVue’s aggressive commercialisation plan, the company stated in their update that they intend to commence US certification in the next quarter.

Taking into consideration ClearVue’s growth over the past two months, and potential to impact the construction industry, they may be worth keeping an eye on.


Dannielle Rawlings,
For Money Morning

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