The UK Joins the Marijuana Boom

One week ago the UK made a milestone decision. They finally took a step forward after decades of regressive policy.

They switched on the green light for their own legal drug boom.

As of last week, the UK put in place laws to allow access to medical cannabis through prescription.

This change has come swiftly. In fact, it’s only been over the last few weeks that public opinion has moved parliament into action.

There have been calls for the UK to open the door to legal weed for a while. But it was the story of Billy Caldwell that finally struck a chord with lawmakers.

The groundswell of public opinion

12-year-old Billy Caldwell suffers from epilepsy that causes extreme seizures.

On Monday, 11 June, Billy, along with his mother Charlotte, returned home to the UK from Canada.

The reason for their trip was to get Billy the medication he needed: medical cannabis. Medical cannabis helped control Billy’s seizures. It helped him to lead a semi-normal life.

Charlotte and Billy touched down in Heathrow with around six months’ worth of cannabis oil. The cannabis oil is perfectly legal in Canada. And this particular treatment dramatically reduces Billy’s seizures. But it’s illegal in the UK. Due to the nature and concentration of cannabis in the oil, Charlotte was technically bringing illegal drugs into the country.

As such, authorities swiftly confiscated the oil.

By Friday, less than four days after the confiscation, Billy was admitted to hospital. His seizures intensified and became too much for him to stay at home. As you can imagine, this was incredibly distressing for the family.

Charlotte couldn’t understand why this prescription medicine was taken from her boy. The UK government was actively preventing her son from getting better.

Billy’s condition became so bad that it was labelled a medical emergency.

Soon after the media got involved. There was (as you would expect) public outcry. A groundswell of public opinion said give the boy his medicine. It was all that was needed to get his seizures under control and get him out of hospital.

Eventually the British Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, was forced to intervene. And in a one-off case, some of the cannabis oil was returned to the family and Billy’s doctors. But it was still only a measly 20 days’ worth of oil.

Nonetheless it was enough to help Billy. And soon after he was free to use the oil again, Billy was discharged from hospital.

This event was pivotal in the UK’s current change of stance on medical cannabis. 

This also prompted the government to form advisory groups on the issue. Ultimately these advisors were to determine if the UK regulations on medical cannabis needed change.

They did. And now they have.

According to Javid,

Recent cases involving sick children made it clear to me that our position on cannabis-related medicinal products was not satisfactory.

Following advice from two sets of independent advisors, I have taken the decision to reschedule cannabis-derived medicinal products – meaning they will be available on prescription.’

This means patients will be able to obtain medical cannabis in the UK. But it’s not quite the full floodgates just yet. It’s step one. And we anticipate that it’s going to open a similar opportunity like we’ve seen in Australia.

When the Australian government opened the floodgates for medical cannabis it set off a huge investment opportunity.

Companies like AusCann [ASX:AC8] and Cann Group [ASX:CAN] have already been huge winners for investors. And we know a number of Aussie companies are looking to Europe and the UK for the next huge cannabis boom.

With the change of stance in the UK, that boom may come sooner than most people think.

But not us. In fact we predicted this is exactly what would happen in the UK.

We were right

On 17 May this year we wrote here in Money Morning,

But the Dutch do have legal medicinal marijuana. As does Italy, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.

We think all these countries will be closely watching events in Canada. And if things go well, we anticipate that recreational marijuana use will be legal in most (if not all) of those countries too.

And then there’s the UK. Right now it’s not legal from a medicinal or recreational perspective. Marijuana drug busts continue to happen across the country. But we think that it’s a short space of time until the UK also flicks on the green light.

Brexit is coming to a head. And worries about the UK economy are getting stronger. Legal weed could be something that helps boost the government coffers and appeases the masses.’

This was before things recently kicked off. The people we were speaking to, and the companies we were researching, all pointed to the UK market opening up. And now it is.

In other words, we told you so.

Not to be overly smug but this is a huge market. The UK and a legal medical marijuana market will supercharge this global boom.

Canada is a leader in this burgeoning industry. Australia has opened up the doors and created its own mini boom. These are just two markets that are set to soar. Now with Europe and the UK pressing on and following the green rush, things are set to get even hotter.

The next great medical stocks are those with the reach and scope into the medical marijuana market. This green rush isn’t slowing down. It’s a global mega-boom. It’s set to make smart, early investors rich.

We think it will go down in history as one of the best money making investment ideas of all time. All you have to do is get invested in the right stocks for it. To find out more about the best ASX listed stocks set to capitalise on the Green Rush, click here.


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