The Medical Revolution With 2,422% Potential

On Friday, I told you that physicians are thinking about using the word cure in the same breath as cancer, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Then on Monday I told you the story of young Kaitlyn Johnson.

Having developed leukaemia at 18 months old, Kaitlyn is now cancer free thanks to this radical new therapy.

This will likely be the medical breakthrough of the 21st century. A therapy that can kill cancer and potentially end all human disease.

There are only a handful of companies working on this. And they’re spending millions to get it out to the masses.

This medical revolution won’t just be a boon for patients everywhere. It will be a massive wealth grab for anyone prepared.

And today I’m going to show you exactly how to grab your share, to the tune of a potential 2,422%!

The AI system inside you

It’s one of the strongest, most adaptable systems in the world.

It’s not artificial intelligence (AI), although it continuously learns.

I’m talking about your immune system.

It can fight off countless diseases and viruses. And it never forgets.

In 2015, researchers wanted to conduct the most comprehensive study on immunity. They looked at 105 sets of twins.

Why twins? Identical siblings have the same genetic makeup. This helps in determining whether a strong immunity is innate or something you develop over time.

Researchers looked at 204 variables before and after giving the twins a flu shot.

What did they find?

A set of twins wouldn’t necessarily show the same reaction. Rather, their reaction to the same flu shot varied widely.

Researchers chalked the changes up to environmental factors.

Infections each twin had during their life greatly impacted how they responded to the flu.

More interesting was what researchers saw in older twins. The older the twins were, the greater their immunity differed (generally).

One finding was particularly striking, researchers said.

A single factor: a past infection of cytomegalovirus (member of the herpes family). Around 58% of the twins had had the virus once in their life. And it was these twins that had a vastly different reaction to the flu shot.

The conclusion researchers came to?

Environmental factors and past experiences play a huge role, far more than genetics when it comes to immunity.

It’s similar to what I’ve said above: your immunity is like an AI system. It’s constantly learning, growing stronger after completing new challenges.

But also like a learning machine, your immunity can be tricked. 

Cancer has met its match

Our immunity will fight off any foreign body. It’s why organ donation doesn’t always work. Our immune system sees the new organ as a foreign body and rejects it.

But it’s not all-knowing. Diseases can trick your immune system from time to time.

Take cancer for example. Cancer is mutated cells within our body, not a foreign invader.

Because they’re abnormal, these cells don’t function the way they should. Your immune system cannot detect the threat, and the cancerous cells are left to spread and multiply.

At the spreading stage, doctors have to take immediate action. First is surgery to remove any solid tumours. Then its right onto chemotherapy, which destroys any fast dividing cell (cancer or otherwise).

Chemo doesn’t work for everyone, though. It didn’t work for little Kaitlyn Johnson. Only until she was put on a radical new therapy did she manage to fight off the cancer.

And it’s something doctors are now calling a Living Drug.

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Your 2,422% potential gain

The living drug doesn’t treat the disease. It supercharges your immune system. To develop this drug, doctors reengineer a patient’s own immune cells (T cells).

The first step involves drawing blood.

Doctors separate the T cells. Once in the lab, researchers introduce specific proteins, which are found in specific cancer cells. The T cells are engineered to then find cells with a particular protein and kill them.

Once engineered, researchers grow these T cells into hundreds of millions. The final step is to pump this living drug back into the patient.

If all goes well, the engineered cells will multiple rid the patient of all cancerous cells.

Money Morning 07-08-2018

Source: TIME magazine
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That’s how Kaitlyn and many others on this radical new therapy all kicked cancer.

As you can imagine, such technology would be highly sought after. And it is.

Global pharma companies like Gilead Sciences, Celgene and Novartis have spent billions to get their hands on it.

But there’s one company almost no one is talking about. They’re a tiny biotech company fast developing their own version of the living drug.

They’ve already seen extremely promising trial results. And they’re gearing up to gain regulatory approval within the next few months.

Not only could this tiny stock help patients the world over. This tiny stock could be your ticket to gains of 2,422%.

Your friend,

Harje Ronngard,
Editor, Money Morning

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