Biotron Share Price Volatile as Investors Digest Latest Release

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the Biotron Limited [ASX:BIT] share price, with the stock up 14.82% today, trading at $.155 at time of writing.

Reasons for the current volatility are hard to pin down, but profit-taking and new data released by the company could be factors.

The Biotron share price is down from a high of $.445 on 17 October, 2018:

Biotron Share Price


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Investors digesting new data from Biotron

For those of you with a biochemistry degree, the data can be found below:

Biotron Share Price



Biotron Share Price


Some highlights from the data include, a higher incidence of some side effects against placebo. These include headache, pyrexia (elevated body temperature), rash and rhinorrhoea (runny nose).

Additional quotes from the data include:

The BIT225 cohort had a significantly greater reduction of macrophage activation marker sCD163, a good indicator of all cause morbidity and mortality in HIV-2 patients. Additional reduction of this marker in patients taking BIT225 demonstrates significant immunological benefit.


The stimulation of the immune system in the BIT225 cohort makes this treatment approach a unique and potentially clinical beneficial step towards HIV-1 eradication.

Statistically significant results

As for the data itself, there were a number of statistically significant decreases for biomarker sCD163, statistically significant CD8* response, and statistically significant sustained delay in decline of CD4*.

To conclude, it is worth stressing that this is a Phase 2 trial, and the researchers are still trying to understand their own medicine.

Investors will be hoping ongoing investigations prove positive.


Lachlann Tierney,
For Money Morning

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