What Could Your Home Be Worth?

The Port Phillip Publishing office is closed for the holidays. Until your Editors return on 2 January, we’ll be looking back at some of our ‘greatest hits’ for 2018.

In today’s offering, first published on 19 May, your editor Alana Sumic discusses the current state of the Aussie housing market.

Simply follow the link here to find it. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Alana Sumic is part of the editorial team here at Money Morning. She contributes to bringing you Money Morning each day, along with all of Port Phillip Publishing’s many other publications.

As the Editor of the weekend edition of Money Morning Alana brings you a summary of the news for the week, and her own take on the week’s most important story in markets. She is also a writer and editor for Port Phillip Publishing’s political publication, The Australian Tribune.

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