Weebit Nano Share Price up on News of Partnership with Silvaco

This morning, the share price of Weebit Nano Ltd [ASX:WBT] managed to hit $0.032 a share, up 6.67% from yesterday.

The share price of Weebit has been sliding for the past year:

Weebit Nano Share Price

Source: marketindex.com.au

That being said, the latest news out of the company is positive and involves a partnership with Silvaco, a semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider.

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Development program partnership with Silvaco

In an announcement released today, Weebit declared that they will work together to, ‘develop a Technology Computer-Aided Design solution to accurately model the electrical behaviour of Weebit Nano’s ReRAM devices.’

The end goal of this partnership is to create a TCAD simulation that:

Will dramatically speed up the design, fabrication and commercial use of ReRAM technology through the elimination of expensive and time-consuming experimental wafers during technology adoption by OEMs.

There are a lot of acronyms to grasp in this release, so let’s dig a bit deeper into what the company is saying.

An OEM is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, of which Foxconn is the largest. It produces the parts used in a variety of products made by Dell, Apple, Google and Huawei. The goal for Weebit is to get these manufacturers on board with their product.

A TCAD is used to model and simulate the fabrication process of semiconductor devices, providing optimisation along the way. In essence, a tool used to better understand how to make the product.

Thus, this news represents an important step for the company in bringing its product to market.

What is ReRAM and what is it used for?

ReRAM is what we are really interested in here, however.

ReRAM or Resistive random-access memory is a type of next generation memory that builds and destroys a filament to create resistive states:

WBT Share Price

Source: semiengineering.com

The industry has been searching for a type of memory that fits between DRAM and Flash storage, and ReRAM has been proposed as a solution.

Weebit’s particular ReRAM device uses Silicon Oxide (SiOx) which has the advantage of being a common material in the semiconductor industry, as opposed to more exotic fabrication materials.

This new type of memory has the potential to be used in wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Additionally neuromorphic computing is another potential application for ReRAM, something we have covered recently with our updates on BrainChip Holdings Ltd [ASX:BRN].


Lachlann Tierney,
For Money Morning

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