Weebit Nano Share Price Down despite Announcement

At time of writing, the share price of Weebit Nano Ltd [ASX:WBT] is down 10%, trading at $0.027 per share.

The share price of Weebit Nano has been sliding since the start of the year, with a brief reprieve between April and June:

Weebit Nano Share Price

Source: marketindex.com.au

The latest news out of the company is that it has reported successful endurance results of its ReRAM cells.

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Weebit Nano moving to 300mm wafers at 28nm

In partnership with Leti, a French research institute that focuses on micro-electronics, Weebit Nano performed tests which ‘demonstrated Array-level endurance above 100,000 cycles, on par with expectation in the storage memory market, and a significant improvement over flash memories.

Part of the appeal of Weebit Nano’s prospective ReRAM product is that it potentially offers superior performance to Flash memory, and these tests are encouraging in that regard.

The announcement went on to highlight that ‘final characterisation will continue over coming weeks on array performance and extended endurance and retention in preparation for the migration to 300mm wafers at 28nm.

Weebit Nano uses Silicon Oxide as its base material and this is purported by the company to have advantages, as it is a familiar material to the semiconductor industry.

The CEO, Coby Hanoch, hailed the testing results saying that:

The baseline technical parameter improvement phase is a significant milestone towards commercialisation. Achieving production-level endurance and voltage results are key in this.

The high endurance is well above the capability of Flash and very competitive in the market.

Endurance is a key problem for Flash memory as it begins to degrade after a range of cycles — your typical USB Flash stick may only be able to handle as few as 600 cycles.

While this may not seem an issue as the Flash drives are frequently lost or damaged, it could be crucial to unlocking the potential of AI and Internet of Things applications, such as wearables.

We will keep you posted on future Weebit Nano announcements.


Lachlann Tierney,
For Money Morning

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