I Just Found a Secret Weed Facility that No One Knows About

I love the words ‘secret’ and ‘facility’ when in the same sentence. It makes me think of The Spy Who Loved Me, the classic Bond movie starring Sir Roger Moore.

Part of the movie is shot at a secret, supertanker that forms part of evil villain Karl Stromberg’s plan to start a nuclear war. Another part is shot at a hidden underwater lair, Atlantis, which Stromberg plans to survive the nuclear war in.

Anyway watch the movie if you haven’t seen it. It’s one of the classic Bond movies. But to me, it’s the whole idea of a secret facility operating in the shadows that’s immensely interesting.

Recently I was browsing through some articles on the legalisation of cannabis in multiple countries. And one of the articles I read talked of a ‘secret facility’ being built in the South West part of the UK.

Immediately my mind was cast to Stromberg’s lair. Now, I wasn’t exactly picturing an evil villain at this secret cannabis facility. Quite the opposite. But I was thinking of a well disguised, high tech facility with guards, personnel and scientists roaming around.

And immediately I put my best James Bond hat on and thought to myself, ‘I need to find this secret facility.’

And for the last few weeks that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

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Not my first rodeo

You see this isn’t the first time I’ve found a secret cannabis facility. The first time was accidental. And to be honest, I’m not 100% sure the first one I uncovered was actually a cannabis facility. But I’m pretty sure.

That was during a road trip from Mansfield in country Victoria back to Melbourne. I was in the car with my Dad and as we were heading along the Whittlesea-Yea road towards Melbourne we passed what looked like a very high security orchard.

At first, I thought, that’s some serious fencing to stop people nicking fruit. And then it dawned on me…

There’s only one kind of plant you’d grow around there and have massive perimeter fencing and CCTV everywhere to protect it.

This kind of security is important for legal cannabis facilities. After all there is still an illegal market for cannabis in Australia. And making off with a plant or two could be a very lucrative outcome for a ‘plant thief’.

Of course that’s why many legal cannabis facilities are secret. They don’t want everyone to know where they are, what they’re doing. It makes them a target. At least, it makes them a target while there’s still a black market for recreational cannabis.

We also know there is a secret facility in a warehouse in the Monash region in suburban Victoria. We don’t know where, but we know one exists.

As for our secret facility here in the UK. Well we’ve found it. We know we’ve found it. But we can’t say where it is. We don’t think it’s appropriate to mention it specifically. But we are definitely going to have a look at it, just to confirm our findings.

The reason though is that it’s further proof that legal cannabis is a massive opportunity. In fact it’s so big we think we’ve found the single best ASX-listed ‘pot stock’ set to boom from the ‘green rush’.

And think about it, if we’re seeing giant, secret warehouse and growth facilities popping up in places like country Victoria, suburban Melbourne and the English countryside, then we know this is something big.

The biggest investment opportunity of the next decade

Of course, as big as the opportunity is, medically the world is really yet to fully understand how the cannabis plant can be used to its full potential. What science already knows is that it reacts with our own endocannabinoid system and has benefits in the management of pain, nausea and use in palliative care.

What’s encouraging is that around the world there’s a huge shift in the public perception of cannabis. For many years it was seen as a gateway drug. People would associate the drug with ‘stoners’ and there wasn’t much more beyond that.

We did know that over the Atlantic, Canada had a thriving medicinal cannabis system. And that people had been using it for decades for conditions such as glaucoma, and pain management.

But for a long while it seemed that’s where the legal cannabis story would start and end.

The reality however is far from the perception of years gone by. And as we say, that perception is now undergoing a radical change.

Thanks to some (surprisingly progressive) law changes in 2016, Australia decided to change its stance on the access to medicinal cannabis. And in the subsequent years it has created a burgeoning, thriving industry with huge potential for investors to get in early on this global mega trend.

Yet for some reason, we still find pushback from people who don’t quite understand the enormity of what’s happening. And the thing is this isn’t a localised opportunity either.

Much of the current wave of cannabis investment opportunities kicked off in Canada and the US. And that’s where a huge portion of the current market opportunity exists. But it’s also a story that hits places like New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and the UK.

This week an article on the ABC News website explained that:

New data obtained by the ABC revealed just how popular the controversial treatment had become, with more than 3,100 medicinal cannabis scripts approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) from March to January 2019.

Now that might seem like a massively huge number. But remember, that’s up from zero just a few short years ago. It’s growth, it’s realisation that in Australia this has the potential to become something really massive.

And we know that New Zealand is set to have a referendum at their next general election in 2020 on the legalisation of recreational cannabis. Imagine if that passes. Then imagine how that’s going to benefit cannabis growers in Australia and companies with exposure to cannabis growth facilities in places like the UK and Canada.

And…if New Zealand legalises cannabis recreationally, how long until you think Australia follows suit? Our view is that as we understand the scientific benefits of cannabis more, the tide will change towards recreational cannabis too.

Countries like Canada and large parts of the US have already legalised recreational use. New Zealand may very well be next, then Australia and as we see it, even the UK.

If these dominoes fall the way we expect, the ‘green rush’ may end up being the single biggest investment opportunity of the next decade.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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