Emerge Gaming’s Share Price Lifts after Commercial Rollout

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This month saw Emerge Gaming Limited [ASX:EM1] complete its commercial rollout strategy in Australia, in preparation of the launch of its revolutionary Media Gaming Platform, Arcade X, and as a result shares of the company reacted positively.

At the time of writing Emerge Gaming’s share price is trading at $0.02, up 11.11%

But a spike in share price after a big announcement such as a company’s commercial rollout strategy, naturally makes a stock more sensitive to shifts.

Ideally shareholders want a stock with the best chance of rising gradually over time…

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Emerge Gaming’s share price to favour marketing strategy

Emerge gaming is an esports and casual gaming tournament facilitation platform.

As part of EM1’s marketing strategy, it has entered into a high quality trade collateral for marketing to key Australian brands.

EM1 has been working with Meerkats The Brand Company over the last eight weeks, in order to develop detailed trade marketing material, as stated in today’s announcement.

This includes a professional media kit to help with its media launch strategy.

The aim of the trade marketing material is to give brands and media agencies with an exciting toolset, the ability to understand the Arcade X platform; anywhere from individual application to the available media options for revenue securing and commercial partnership purposes.

This could be why investors are seeing a slight jump in shares today, as the company moves to a better marketing strategy.

In other news, EM1’s National Media Roadshow is now underway, and will ensure key brands are aware of Arcade X.

EM1 CEO Gregory Stevens commented on the roadshow:

‘Early feedback from brands and agencies regarding the Arcade X platform has been exiting as they recognise that Arcade X offers marketers a fresh approach to targeting the high growth casual gaming marketing in Australia.  With the platform completed, trade marketing finalised and clear go to market strategy in place, I look forward to gaining market traction and sharing the results with shareholders post launch’

Emerge Gaming’s 2019 forecast

Investors can look forward to the launch of Arcade X, as it is very likely that Emerge Gaming’s share price will once again act favourably to the news.

Emerge Gaming’s half year results saw a staggering 11,171% gain in revenue, from $1,150 in 31 December 2017 quarter to 31 December 2018 $129,615.  The company also saw a 45% increase in profits.

Investors may want to keep watch of Emerge Gaming, especially coming closer to Arcade X’s launch date.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
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