Emerge Gaming’s share price settles after iCandy partnership

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Yesterday, Emerge Gaming Ltd [ASX:EM1] and iCandy Interactive Ltd [ASX:ICI] entered into a joint venture agreement, focusing on eSports based mobile games.

It will combine technology from Emerge and game content from iCandy to customise and co-develop a new mobile eSports tournament platform, dubbed iLeague.

At the time of writing, Emerge Gaming’s share price is trading lower, down 5.71% following a week of increases beginning with a 27% jump.

Shareholders shouldn’t be too concerned with a correction like this. Such movements are expected after a big announcement and price shift.

If you’ve read earlier updates about Emerge Gaming, then the partnership between the companies shouldn’t come as such a big surprise.

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iLeague platform creates new eSports competition

Emerge Gaming has already designed and launched an ArcadeX platform which allows for skill-based tournaments, series and live matchmaking.

The new ArcadeX platform iLeague will be marketed to an international audience and across iCandy’s user base network of 350 million mobile gamers — giving brands an opportunity to further increase their base size.

The platform also aims to increase the acquisition of users for both partners.

This — along with re-engaging dormant users — could, as well as driving revenue, have further positive effects on Emerge Gaming’s share price.

Users of the iLeague platform can compete in sponsored tournaments, where gamers can win prizes, as well as gain participation rewards.

Where is Emerge Gaming’s share price heading?

There’s a lot to look forward to for investors when it comes to Emerge Gaming Ltd.

The iLeague platform is set to bring in new revenue growth. Emerge Gaming chief executive officer, Gregory Stevens, spoke about the company’s aim:

Our vision is to become a leading mobile casual gaming eSports provider worldwide.

We now have a global reach and exciting new content, which is consistent with our emerging market rollout strategy.

Investors will be able to see the fruition of Emerge’s platform in time to come. The stock has already accelerated its value in the last month of trading, despite today’s dip.

More to come.


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