Can You Afford to Miss Out on Crypto Again?

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We’ve spent the last couple of weeks reviewing and updating a number of chapters of my book, Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money.

The reason is that during this perceived ‘crypto winter’, we believe the wider crypto ecosystem has never been stronger. It’s never seen as much positive development. It’s never seen as much future potential as it does right now.

What we see in this space now makes us so excited about the future of crypto we decided that it was time to refresh the book we started working on back in 2016.

It’s now almost three years old, and boy has a lot changed in crypto. We figured that to do our part and to get the message out, it was time to update things, and try and open up the world of crypto to a whole new audience that’s still yet to come to this immense global opportunity.

You see you might think that crypto is widely recognised and that it’s hit the mainstream, and maybe you think it’s an old story. But the truth is that a lot of people still know next to nothing about it all. They simply might have heard of this ‘bitcoin thing’, but really have no idea what it’s really about or how to get started in it and get involved.

To many it’s scary and difficult and that creates a massive barrier of entry for most folk. Maybe you’re one of those people? You might have heard about it, but you’re still yet to make the plunge into it.

And you might have heard that the price of bitcoin skyrocketed back in 2017 and then crashed, to be virtually worthless. That’s what the mainstream media was telling people. But it’s never been farther from the truth.

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The crypto ecosystem is thriving

The crypto ecosystem is thriving. And over the last few weeks, there’s been a rekindling of values in fiat-denominated prices that’s seen bitcoin rise more than 100% in value in the last three months. This we believe is the early stages of another massive bull run in a ‘crypto cycle’ that we’ve seen twice before and possibly may be looking at again.

Of course these previous cycles don’t guarantee the same will happen again now. Crypto is inherently risky. But so are stocks, property, any investment, really. And we think that if you’re sitting on the sidelines of crypto, you’re making a big mistake.

It’s not hard to get involved. It’s not hard to get some crypto for yourself. At least, it’s not hard anymore. If we’re right and another massive crypto cycle is on the move, then you want to have your stake in it early, as in now. And sit on it long-term. That’s the view we take, and we say this because we had an opportunity like this in the past. An opportunity that we didn’t take in crypto.

Our past experience we’ve learnt from, and we think you should learn from it to. You don’t have to bet the house on the future of crypto, but you should have some kind of stake in it, even if it’s just a tiny part of your wider portfolio.

But as we say, you should learn from the mistakes we’ve already made in the past. We’ve walked this path before. And we’re not making the same mistake twice. We suggest you follow our lead.

So here’s a series of excerpts from my book, Crypto Revolution, from its final chapter.

Through my own personal research and mulling around online I had come across this strange digital currency called ‘Bitcoin’. My first experiences with it had been a while ago. Actually back in 2010,

It had popped up a couple of times on various forums, and people kept directing others into the ‘deep web’ to find out more about it and how to get it,

We both knew there was no such thing as a ‘money tree’. Everyone knows this to be true. And in terms of printing your own money, well unless you were a central bank, that wasn’t going to happen,

But this was exactly the potential of Bitcoin. Every ounce of our financial experience and knowledge said that this wasn’t real, it couldn’t be. But it was. To us Bitcoin was hen’s teeth, the golden egg, a unicorn, the pot at the end of the rainbow,

Before we knew it Bitcoin was worth more than US$20 [from just a couple of dollars]. Then in early June the price punched through US$30. We had seen the price go nuts in the space of just a month it was up another 1,000%,

The longer we waited the more expensive one Bitcoin became. When we first started talking just a few months earlier just one block would have seen us earn US$150. By now that same block would be worth US$1,500,

By mid-October Bitcoin had plummeted from over US$30 to around US$2.20. It floated around this US$2 to US$3 range for the rest of the year,

I had seen Bitcoin go from 7 US cents to US$1 to US$30 and all the way back to US$2 in the space of a bit over a year. That kind of volatility suits no one,

The risk was simply far too high at the time, based on the potential return that we believed was possible,

We had the opportunity. We were there at the right time. But we didn’t see it for what it truly was. We focused too much on the now and not enough on the future. We got caught up in its wild price swings and didn’t understand the real potential.’

It’s not too late to invest

The lesson we want you to take away here is to avert your eyes from the single focus on the price, price, price…of bitcoin and crypto. Understand from people like us who exist in this world that things are developing at such speed that long-term the potential of this is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Also know, you’re not too late…yet…to get involved and to understand and get yourself some crypto. Join this alternative financial system. Break free from the rigged system that works so well for so few now.

The crypto revolution is upon us and if you wait, sit out, and dismiss what’s happening, then you may very well be making a mistake like we made back in 2011 and 2012. We should have backed our conviction and taken the plunge. We didn’t. But we had time to rectify that mistake since.

That kind of opportunity exists again, we think, right now. It’s not just about bitcoin either. There are a huge number of crypto with massive potential. Crypto you don’t hear about in the mainstream, but crypto you should know about. And once you do, we think you’ll make a smart decision that long-term has all the potential to make a massive impact on your financial future.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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