‘Enough’, He Cries

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As the weekend rallies grew both larger and rowdier, the French President knew he must do something to contain the unrest.

He would not allow those pesky peasants in their high-vis getup to hold the republic to ransom.

Standing in the grandest of rooms — that could have come straight out of Louis XIV’s Versailles — ‘Assez!’ he announced, in the most polished of voices.

For the poor Frenchman or woman living on wages in the outer suburbs, the room must have seemed like something from another world.

Out front stood the fanciest of lecterns. In the background, a table so polished you would not possibly ever dare touch it.

On top of the table, a vase worth more than a house — handed down from one set of nobility to the next. And on the walls, priceless artwork worth more than a suburb.

What could the man standing in that room possibly know about the real lives of others? How easy for him to impose his idealistic policies on people he will never meet.

Of course, President Macron is not alone. He is just one of a gaggle of ‘progressive’ leaders around the globe trying to recreate the world in their own image.

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Elites versus the rest

If the results of the federal election prove one thing, it is that class warfare does not work. Especially when those using phrases like ‘The big end of town’ probably had it better than most.

And what does the phrase even mean?

Clichéd images of a fat cat in a fancy suit. Old men smoking cigars down at ‘the club’. I’m sure people like this exist somewhere. However, I doubt most of us will ever meet one.

It also ignores one very basic fact. When most people go to work, it is not to the CBD. It is not in a high-rise office with plush carpets and a fancy view.

Instead, most turn up to one of the 2.3 million small businesses, beavering away in all parts of the country. (Note: The ABS’s definition of a small business is one that employs less than 19 people).

You wouldn’t know it from the election campaign, but this group of small businesses represent 97% of the total number of all businesses.

Tradies, plumbing and electrical contractors. Printing businesses, small engineering firms, and all those small trucking businesses driving all that stuff around. The sort of business where you might get your first job after school.

No plush carpet in a boardroom for them. They are all much too busy to get a chance to sit down.

No, ‘The big end of town’ means nothing. You’re much more likely to find the accoutrements of wealth in a trade union office, than in an industrial shed that houses all those millions of small businesses.

Reset and forget

After the shemozzle of the last decade, people have had politics up to their back teeth. All they want now is for the newly re-elected PM to get on with it, and to let them get on with their own lives as well.

They don’t want someone lecturing them on how they should live their lives. Just as they would never presume to lecture someone else on how they should live theirs.

And more than anything, what they don’t want is the daily argy-bargy of politics right in their face.

Less than eight months ago, all the experts and talking heads thought only one result was possible. That the ALP would canter in to a comfortable majority.

And once there, they too could reshape the world in their own image. However, much like the French President, their heads are up in the clouds.

Now the shoe is well and truly on the other foot. My, how quickly things can change.

The great unwashed — those whose sole goal is to protect and provide for their family — have let the elites know what they can do with their policies.

And, if the ALP and other political parties don’t heed that message, they might just spend the rest of their careers warming the opposition benches.

All the best,

Matt Hibbard,
Editor, Options Trader

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