Dragontail Share Price Up After Rollout of AI Pizza System

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At time of writing, the share price of Dragontail Systems Limited [ASX:DTS] is up slightly by 2.33% to 22 cents with the possibility that today’s announcement had already been priced in.

After a top in November and a subsequent slide, the Dragontail share price has recently seen a crossover of its 20- and 50-day moving averages:


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The latest news out of Dragontail is that it has completed the rollout of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) quality control camera ‘QT’ in 800 stores in Australia and New Zealand. We will look at its prospects.

AI pizza quality control – Dragontail share price gets bump

Shares of Dragontail got a small bump today.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Dragontail markets a product called ‘QT’ which is able to recognize analyse and grade pizzas based on pizza type.

It sounds strange, but it can actually introduce a whole host of efficiencies into the world of pizza.

The AI looks at toppings, distribution and comes to a decision as to whether the pizza is up to scratch in a matter of seconds

The system continues to learn and improve based on the data it gathers from all the pizzas it has looked at.

In the announcement released today, the company provided an update on how its rollout in Domino’s stores had progressed.

As per the announcement, the ‘DOM Pizza Checker’ using the ‘QT Camera’ is now in all Domino’s stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Dragontail notes that Domino’s Pizza has 2,450 stores in nine countries and will be looking at the performance of the system with an eye to expanding the rollout to other markets.

Will Dragontail take over the pizza world? A look at the company’s prospects

Jokes aside, the company has at its disposal a powerful tool to improve the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.

Dragontail claims that its technology can be configured for other types of food and is looking at expanding the number of brands that use its product.

In the announcement Dragontail’s Managing Director Ido Levanon noted that the QT system’s ‘ability to save resources, create high customer satisfaction, retain customers and manage the stores more efficiently, are significant.

QT is not its only product – it also has the ALGO Dispatching Platform which is expected to be rolled out across Pizza Hut stores in Australia by the end of the year.

Further growth in receipts would be welcome news for investors as it is currently trading like many tech stocks – lots of emphasis future earnings.

It is worth noting that Dragontail isn’t the only AI stock on the ASX.

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