5G Is a Killer…Investment?

We’re approaching a point of no return.

Unless we do something and do it fast, we’ll all be doomed!

Have you heard this kind of talk before?

Remember the global warming scare? Al Gore told us all cities would be under water. The South Sahara would completely dry up. And a new ice age would hit Europe.

None of it happened to the degree Al Gore said it would or within the timeline he set.

Back in 2006, he told the world to change and change fast.

Or else we’d fast approach a point of no return.

Well, it’s more than a decade later…are we past that point yet?

Going back a few years before that, the world was understandably worried about a Cold War between the two powers potentially turning into a Third World War.

Of course there was propaganda there to stoke the flames.

Go back even further and a lot of us are still waiting for that apocalypse. The day of the second coming, where the sinners are left in hell on Earth and the believers are carried away to heaven.

At least the Christians didn’t put hard dates on their predictions.

There is a new doomsday prediction, though.

I can’t imagine you haven’t heard of it. A new apocalypse…one that’s more digital in nature…

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Ionising versus non-ionising radiation

A couple of weeks ago, I got word from our wonderful customer service team here at Port Phillip Publishing.

People were calling and writing in and wanted to know about an idea we were promoting: 5G.

What a lot of our readers wanted to know is not how they could double or triple their money from this newest generation of connectivity.

They had safety concerns. I can’t imagine you haven’t heard some of those murmurs yourself…

‘5G frequencies changes human biology.’

‘It can cause headaches, nose bleeds, even cancer.’

So, about two weeks ago in my small-cap advisory, Wealth Eruption, I decided to address the topic.

Here’s a snippet of what I told readers…

Researchers have even petitioned against rolling 5G out in Europe. They believe it could cause people to become depressed and sick over time.

Maybe they’re on to something.

The government has a weapon called the Active Denial System (ADS).

The system fires high powered beams of 95 GHz waves at targets, usually unruly protesters. These waves work in a similar way to a microwave. They heat up water and fat molecules.

Essentially, it’s a non-lethal way for the military to cause immense pain to targets. Some have said it feels like their skin was on fire under the beams.

And it could be this same frequency that 5G operates on…

Money Morning

Source: Android Authority
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But there is a major difference between safe and harmful radiation.

This is the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,’ Android Authority points out.

Ionizing radiation appears at wavelengths above ultraviolet light, aka X-rays and gamma rays. These can damage your DNA by knocking electrons out of the base molecules, leading to tumors and cancer.

Money Morning

Source: Android Authority
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Lower frequency radio waves, like what’s used for LTE mobile networks, are non-ionizing — they can’t cause the same type of damage. Certain non-ionizing wavelengths can still be bad for you, as they produce heat at extremely high power level. Your microwave can warm up some nasty TV dinners just fine, but it requires more than a thousand watts of power to do so.

The FCC’s safe limit for mobile phones is a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1.6 watts per kg (1.6 W/kg) of mass, nowhere near enough to warm up your body. Smartphones marketed in the U.S. must demonstrate compliance with this limit before they go on sale. ICNIRP guidelines used in Europe and most other countries set this limit at around 2.0 W/kg. These are the absolute legal limits of exposure. Most of the time the real-world values are significantly lower, especially when we put our phones down.

5G is coming whether you like it or not

Maybe I’m wrong, though.

There are studies out there concluding electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), the stuff that mobile phones and Wi-Fi emits, causes human biological abnormalities in some cases.

I bring this all up because 5G is coming…whether you like it or not.

Huawei has actually just signed a deal to develop 5G in Russia…

You don’t think that will encourage Trump to kick US 5G efforts up a notch?

And what will that mean for Australia?

While everyone races towards a futuristic tech-filled world, likely only possible with better data capabilities, will we sit by the sidelines and debate possible health ramifications?

I’m not suggesting any nation puts technological improvement over the safety of their citizens. And in their minds, they’re not, as they roll out 5G.

It’s why we, along with almost all other developed nations, are fitting out the place with fibre optic cable and antennas.

We all want driverless cars and robotic surgery, right?

Well, 5G might be a step in that direction…

Your friend,

Harje Ronngard,
Editor, Money Morning

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