Why NetLinkz’s Share Price is Up 368% for the Year

The network tech company NetLinkz Ltd [ASX:NET] is currently sitting on a staggeringly positive one-year return of 368.75%. With a 52-week low of just 2.2 cents per share, the company’s current share price of 14 cents is nothing to scoff at.

Yesterday’s trading was particularly significant, with NetLinkz adding 2.5 cents to their share price, or a 22.73% increase. This was no doubt a result of the successful sale of their Virtual Invisible Network (VIN) to the Wuxi China Telecom data centre, earning them cash proceeds of AU$160,000.

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Ahead of the network game

According to NetLinkz, VIN is ‘an evolutionary step in virtual networking that can be used over any other type of established public or private network, including the Internet’.

Essentially, the ‘virtual’ aspect of the network means that the usual visible entry points that are vulnerable to hackers are hidden from sight, so to speak, meaning VIN is more difficult to hack than other networks.

Another point of difference VIN has to other traditional networks is the lengths it takes for VIN to shut down. Where other networks need just a single server to go offline for it to fail, VIN can only be shut down if every single node or device within VIN shuts down. It’s these attributes which make VIN ‘extremely reliable, fast and secure’.

This recent sale therefore reconfirms the promise of the VIN technology, as well as revealing its Chinese demand. NetLinkz have conducted this sale on the basis that VIN will replace the pilot program of Wuxi China Telecom, which will branch across 51 cities in China.

This means NetLinkz can ‘progress additional sales and revenue initiatives’ which ‘will assist the Company to provide the market with guidance on sales and revenue’.

NetLinkz gets the all clear for global reach

Just prior to this sales announcement, NetLinkz informed investors that the US Federal Government IT solutions provider Blue Tech Inc had completed lab testing of the latest VIN software, revealing ‘no issues with connectivity over VINs whatsoever’.

Having given NetLinkz the tick of approval, Blue Tech are now interested in distributing the VIN product throughout their ‘significant US Federal customer base’, thereby enabling NetLinkz ‘to expand its global Cyber and Connectivity footprint in the US’, says executive chairman James Tsiolis.

It’s small wonder why the security of a hidden network is so interesting to the US, who pride themselves on their well-equipped Defence and Intelligence Agencies. And with their front man being under close scrutiny in the past few months especially, it’s hard to find reason for this expansion of NetLinkz tech into the US not to take place.

NetLinkz intend to enter a reselling agreement with Blue Tech by the end of August. I’d keep an eye on this company for the next couple of months.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward
For Money Morning

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