The Current State of the World Gives You a Bigger Advantage

There are some things in life that you can’t argue.

Such things include:

  • We need air to breathe,
  • Planes need wings to fly,
  • Dogs and cats aren’t human,
  • Two plus two equals four.

These are facts. They do not change.

However, if I were to say:

  • Humans need mud to breathe, I’d be wrong,
  • Planes needed sticks to fly, I’d be wrong,
  • Dogs and cats are lizards, I’d be wrong, and;
  • Two plus two doesn’t always equal four, I’d also be very wrong.

However, if you want to understand exactly what’s wrong with the world today, then you might think these clearly incorrect statements could be true.

That’s why I was utterly amazed this morning while watching BBC Breakfast to see their ‘top’ political reporter explain that, ‘two plus two doesn’t always equal four.’

She continued to explain about the, ‘alchemy of politics’. This was further reinforced again with the statement that, ‘two plus two doesn’t always equal four’.

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She was of course referring to the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Yep, that’s right folks, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, the UK has (another) Prime Minister.

The roundabout of PMs continues here in the UK as it does in Australia.

But it’s this idea that politics requires ‘alchemy’ that’s really got me thinking.

The more specific reference was in how the new UK leadership was going to align the economy in a way to create growth and build the UK into the great financial might it once was.

And in trying to adjust budgets, deliver surplus, balance the books, apparently ‘alchemy’ is needed.

This very concept is equally applicable in Australia, as government after government tries to appease the popular vote. They’ll say whatever it takes to get into office and then apply whatever alchemy is available to stay there.

More often than not, this means they are unable to deliver on promises made and unable to stimulate the economy into more than a trickle of hope.

The problem itself isn’t necessarily the idea of government — most people actually want to be told what to do. The problem is those who hold office and the distorted view of how to put policy into practice. The idea they need alchemy to get the job done when really all they need is straight shooting honesty with raw hard facts.

Facts such as two plus two always equals four.

And when it doesn’t equal four, then you’ve clearly not done the equation right, hence you’ve got the wrong answer.

Now, when I was at school, if I did a test and that was the only question I had to answer, and I got it wrong, I’d fail. Why is it we don’t hold our politicians to the same degree of culpability?

If you promise to do one thing and then end up with something completely different, then you fail. And when you fail, someone who hasn’t failed takes the prize.

Of course accepting this failure time, after time, after time, is also more than likely a construct of the issues we face as a society. Today, accepting near enough is good enough, is apparently okay.

Well, it’s not. Just taking part and having a go, while noble, doesn’t cut it, it never has.

Take for example the story over in Western Australia where a junior football team has been stripped of all their points and given a $500 good behaviour bond for being too good.

Thanks to their A division team being full of players looking to play at a higher level and those players refusing to be demoted to the B division team, they’ve been penalised. Not by the club itself, but by the competition that’s trying to create forced equality in sides.

That’s the kind of attitude that we need to fight.

Far too many people are too content to sit aside

The world isn’t built on everyone getting a fair go for just turning up. The world is built on those who take control of their own destiny, and those who expect someone else to take care of it for them.

It’s why politicians can get away with being almost good enough rather than doing what they’re supposed to and achieving greatness. It’s why it’s apparently not socially acceptable to want to succeed and to beat others in the contest.

Far too many people are too content to sit aside and just let it happen. This, however, is fine for people like you who aren’t just going to sit aside and expect things to happen.

The current state of the world gives you a bigger advantage.

As you read Money Morning, you’re clearly one of those people who isn’t in it to just coast on by and have it dished up to you on a platter.

You want to improve your own situation by being more informed, more skilled and more attuned to how to create your own destiny. And a big chunk of that comes via your ability to build your wealth, so you aren’t reliant on anyone else.

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You’re the outlier in a world of sheep sitting in the middle of the bell curve. That’s why when we write to you about opportunities in investment areas that the average punter doesn’t think about, you sit up and listen.

Whether it’s gold, cryptocurrencies, breakthrough technologies, under-the-radar small-cap stocks, alternative income streams, these areas of wealth empowerment are the key to unlocking your own power and influence.

Moving on, something like the 5G revolution, before the masses even realise what’s going on, is an example of how to tap into power opportunities. These windows of wealth creation that appear don’t last forever, but they could give you the advantage of creating success while others accept mediocracy.

Be the person that accepts two plus two always equals four. Play to the facts, to the opportunities without alchemy, without relying on others to mislead you into the status quo.

Empower yourself, take control of your actions, your attitudes, your investments, so that when opportunity knocks as it frequently does, you’re there to answer the door, not expect that someone else will get it for you.



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