What happened to the Orora share price?

They say that timing is everything in life. If that is the case, then packaging designer and manufacturer, Orora Ltd [ASX:ORA], could not have been more unlucky with the timing of its latest profit result.

With US markets getting crunched overnight — and the ASX following suit with a 170-point drop — Orora’s shares got hammered as the market digested its full year results. At one point, shares were down almost 20%.

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Why did Orora shares fall?

While its Australasian operations increased earnings for the year, it was another story for Orora’s North American operations.

While sales revenue was up — in part helped by Orora’s acquisition of two local businesses — earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) was down 3.6% in Australian dollar terms.

However, what spooked the market was Orora’s result in US dollar terms. All up, Orora’s North American EBIT in US dollars dropped 11.1% for the period…a big disappointment to the market.

Particularly so, when you consider they spent more than $300 million on acquisitions and internal investments for the year, in what might now seem (with the wisdom of hindsight) to be the peak of the market.

What now for Orora?

Packaging is traditionally a high turnover, low margin business. And given its pivotal role in the manufacturing process, it is not easy for a manufacturer to simply (and quickly) swap over to a new supplier.

That means that it is not easy for Orora to immediately turn its fortunes around. Like any business, it can seek new clients. But it might need to further reduce margins to get that business.

That means to regain the market’s trust, Orora can’t simply announce additional client accounts. Instead, it will need to prove — under a new CEO due to commence in September — that it is determined to rip even more costs out of its business.

Matt Hibbard,
For Money Morning

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Matt Hibbard is Money Morning’s income specialist. With nearly three decades in the markets, Matt has traded just about every asset class there is. The one thing that has stuck with him over this time is a very simple premise. That is, it’s the cash a company generates that ultimately determines its value. Sure, some stocks might fly away to multi-digit gains. But unless these companies can convert the ‘story’ into real money, the market will eventually find them out. And when that happens, the share price quickly falls back to Earth. Matt is also the editor of Options Trader, where he shows subscribers how to use basic options strategies to generate income. This is income they can generate on top of regular dividend payments. Matt doesn’t play the prediction game, where the aim is to be proven ‘right’. Instead, his goal is to generate as much income as he can for his subscribers, irrespective of whether the market is going up or down.

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  1. find it very interesting that the then Ceo Nigel Gerard sold 3 or 4 million dollars of his shares only a matter of a week or two before the release of their results come out at $3.30. and the purchased back around 220000 at the $2.70 price. insider trading anyone?

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