Alterity Therapeutics Shares Soar on Confirmation of Breakthrough

It should come as no surprise that 2020 has been a big year for biotech.

COVID-19 has put health at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Serving as a constant reminder of the threat that disease and illness pose to all of us.

For this reason, it has dragged many new biotechs into the spotlight. Companies that are desperately trying to find a way to bring an end to the pandemic.

But they aren’t the only ones working on ways to help the world.

At the end of the day, society still faces a lot of health risks. Including a myriad of disease and ailments that are just as deadly as COVID-19, albeit far less pronounced. At least, for now.

That’s where Alterity Therapeutics Ltd [ASX:ATH] comes into the fold. A tiny biotech stock that is trying to treat Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) — a disorder that is related to Parkinson’s.

And today, Alterity has confirmed some incredible findings. News of which has sent the ATH share price soaring by 41.2% today.

Crucial data for a cruel disorder

Alterity has confirmed that their lead drug (ATH434) could prove to be a major breakthrough.

Using animal models, the drug has proven effective at preserving neurons and improving motor performance. Actively working to prevent the neurodegenerative effects of MSA.

It’s not the first time the drug has shown promise either. Reinforcing the fact that these findings may not be a fluke, or outlier. And it is because of that, that Alterity will now present their findings to a broader audience…

As the company notes, they’ve been invited to share their findings at two key events. The 2020 International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders — and the American Neurological Association’s annual meeting.

Needless to say, their findings are clearly starting to draw some notable attention.

Deservedly so, might I add; because there is a great deal of people who could benefit from this drug. Should it prove to be as effective in humans as it has in animals.

As the Co-Founding Director of the European MSA Study Group, Professor Gregor Wenning comments:

There is a great need for new treatments of this devastating condition. The exceptional work from Dr. Stefanova’s team demonstrates the effectiveness of ATH434 in a disease-predictive animal model. I look forward to the continued progress of ATH434 into patient studies.

For Alterity, that will prove to be the next big challenge. One that they (hopefully) will also be able to conquer.

Biotech boom

Once again, Alterity shows just how lucrative the biotech sector can be.

For early investors willing to take a chance on drug discovery, it can deliver gains like none other. Albeit, with a great deal of risk involved.

After all, not every drug will prove effective — and Alterity still has a long way to go before they achieve commercial success.

That’s why biotechs aren’t for everyone. They are best suited for those who are truly after the most speculative stocks, including all the risks they involve.

However, the biotech sector isn’t the only sector with incredible potential.

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