Castillo Copper Shares Up as They Confirm Two Major Mineralisations

Castillo Copper Ltd [ASX:CCZ] is up 4.35% at time of writing. A rise that has come on the back of a 46-page announcement.

This junior miner has confirmed that it has struck not only high-grade copper, but also gold!

A find that was made at their ‘Big One’ deposit. A key site that forms part of their broader Mt Oxide project in northwest Queensland.

A site that has helped more than double Castillo’s share price in the past three and a half months.

Digging towards the future

Now, when it comes to the Big One, Castillo has known about the copper for a while.

They have a history of strong geological surveying and data collection. As well recent plans to commence drilling at the site.

Today’s result builds upon that legacy. Once again showcasing the ‘high-grade copper’ through extensive field analysis. All of which is backed up by a series of rock-chip samples referenced in today’s announcement.

However, the fact that gold may now be involved as well, could be the cherry on top.

As Castillo state:

However, detected gold values across a wide range, if verified by laboratory analysis, potentially              indicates significant gold coincident within the high-grade copper mineralisation which could           materially enhance the exploration upside of the project area.

That is the potential X-factor that this tiny miner is dealing with. A find that could accelerate their recent momentum into overdrive.

At least, that’s what shareholders will no doubt be hoping for.

Only time will tell how ‘significant’ the gold find is. Or whether or not it is of material value.

There is certainly no guarantees when it comes to early stage projects like this. But for daring punters, it is exactly the kind of potential that they dream of.

What’s next for Castillo?

Frankly, the gold probably won’t even matter all that much in the long run. That is unless they somehow stumble across an unbelievable find.

I can’t imagine all the testing and analysis would overlook such a possibility though.

Instead, it is the copper that should and likely will remain Castillo’s main objective. Because in all honesty, there is a possibility that the commodity could be just as, or maybe even more valuable than gold in the near future.

The catalyst for such an outcome relies almost entirely on a green future.

By that I mean the rise of renewable energy, electric cars and battery innovation. Trends that we’ve been hearing about for decades, but now, may finally be taking root.

Check out today’s full Money Morning article by Lachlann for more details. Showcasing how and why now may be the time to start thinking about this green narrative.

Because, if he’s right, it could be the start of a mining boom like no other. One that will put stocks like Castillo in a position that could see them soar to heights like never before. An event that we’re dubbing as a ‘Commodities Supercell’.

For more info on how you could profit from this potential boom, check out this detailed report.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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