The Silent Highways and EVs with Sam Volkering — Beyond Oil Part 2

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Dear Reader,

Today we’re continuing our ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations with a look at electric vehicles (EVs).

Are you ready to give up your petrol-powered car or ute?

What if you don’t have a choice?

Well, you can relax for now…because as of today there are only 13 all-electric options available in Australia.

So, you may be safe cruising around in your V8 for a while yet.

But petrol-driven cars appear to be ‘on notice’ all around the world. There is great political will driving this development.

The tech going into electric vehicles — particularly from the point of view of battery storage — is advancing rapidly.

And the range of these things is getting up over the 500-kilometre mark…on a single charge!

Is that enough to tempt you over?

Or will you wait until you have no other option than to go electric?

Well, helping me chew all this over is our resident tech expert, Sam Volkering. I say ‘resident’, but he’s actually based in the Midlands of England now, where the take up of EVs is a fair bit more advanced than in Australia.

In today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation, I wanted to find out from Sam — who is a natural-born Aussie — why we’re lagging behind, what the future holds for petrol cars in Australia…what infrastructure challenges there are likely to be…and whether ‘range anxiety’ is a genuine concern, or nothing to worry about.

I know Australia is a nation of car lovers — and Sam is too — but he’s also a tech expert and a pragmatist. He says the writing is on the wall for petrol cars Down Under…and that the next five years could see some significant changes on our roads.

To watch today’s video, click the thumbnail below now.


I’ll be back again tomorrow with another ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation.


James Woodburn,
Money Morning

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