Self-Sovereign Energy: Be Your Own Energy Supplier — Beyond Oil Part 3

Dear Reader,

Welcome again to another of our ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations.

To remind you, I’ve asked our experts and editors here in Australia for their take on the most important aspects of Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

As investors, should we just accept that clean energy is the future and start planning and positioning for it now?

Or will fossil fuels power our economy for years to come?

Well, that’s what we’re digging into on your behalf during this series.

And helping me do that today is Ryan Dinse from Exponential Stock Investor.

I asked Ryan to talk to us about the battery technology side of things. Most renewable energy experts agree that, in order for solar and wind to fully displace fossil fuels, storage technology has to improve.

As Ryan explains, it is — rapidly.

You’ll recall, back in 2017, the Tesla ‘big battery’ was constructed in South Australia. This was, up until very recently, the largest lithium-ion battery in the world.

And according to the official website, the battery has saved South Australian consumers around $150 million in the three years since — basically by picking up the slack when there’s high demand on the power grid.

The big battery has been a big success.

But it’s just the beginning.

Even bigger batteries are planned. Some here in Australia. And of course, the technology — for both generating and storing electricity — is improving and getting cheaper.

So, will we see batteries in our basements and garages in the near future? And what does that mean for centralised power grids across our states?

Well, you can find out right now by watching today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation with Ryan Dinse.

Just click the thumbnail below now.

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Publisher, Money Morning

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