What if Fossil Fuels Don’t Go Quietly? — Beyond Oil Part 4

Dear Reader,

Welcome once again to this series of ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations.

As you can see, we’re dominating the conversation this week. That’s because we believe the transition to a low-carbon economy is the biggest idea…the biggest trend…the biggest disruption to industry and investment markets all around the world right now.

That sounds huge.

But it IS huge. Believe me, there’s no hyperbole here.

As I said in the essay that kicked this project off, I’m not trying to convince you that this transition is going to happen.

It IS happening.

What I want to do is help you understand the sheer volume of wealth that we anticipate will be transferred out of our current fossil fuel setup and into clean energy alternatives.

This — according to the numbers I’ve seen — is estimated at around US$95 TRILLION, which, as I keep saying, would be the biggest movement of capital in peacetime.

Now there will, of course, be plenty of investment opportunities to take advantage of this movement of capital — and we’re getting together over this series to shine a light on a few of those for you.

But we’re not just cheerleaders for this clean, green energy future. You know us better than that!

Diving headlong into any emerging investment boom is fraught with danger for the uninitiated.

If you’re going to do well out of the clean energy boom — and why shouldn’t you? — you need to know which ideas are worth your attention and which you should steer clear of.

That’s why I’ve brought Greg Canavan in to talk to you today.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Greg sees the writing on the wall here. He knows that fossil fuel’s days are numbered.

But he also understands how our local markets work better than most other analysts.

He’s written about the investment markets for the best part of two decades. He has a deep knowledge of how government policy drives the energy mix of this country. He knows what’s likely to draw investors in…where they could do well…and where they could get badly burned.

It’s not just a case of a rising tide lifts all boats, says Greg. This energy transition is going to have its winners and losers. And it’s only by understanding the bigger picture that you can start to tell them apart.

It’s always great talking to Greg…and if you want a more pragmatic view of Australia’s clean energy future, you’ll love today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation.

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James Woodburn,
Publisher, Money Morning

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