Beyond Oil — Announcing the Investment Conference of the Year…

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to our series of ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations.

Now I need your full attention today, because I have an important announcement to make…

Australia’s First Ever Clean Energy Investment Conference…

Join SEVEN Of The World’s Top Energy Experts As We Reveal How To Grab Your Stake In The Coming Renewables Revolution 

Mark Lewis: Peak Supply — The Surprising Way Oil Dies
Michael Liebreich: The Economics of the Clean Energy Transition
Ramez Naam: The Six Trillion Dollar Disruption
James Allen: How to Grab Your Stake in the Great Energy Switchover
Simon Holmes à Court: Australia’s Clean Energy Transition is Already Underway
Eoin Treacy: Money Migration — How This Megatrend Plays Out From Here
Gregor Macdonald: Oil Fall — Three Reasons Why Fossil Fuels Are Doomed

I am thrilled to announce that we are putting on a major online event: The biggest and most logistically challenging event in Port Phillip Publishing history…but, I believe, the most potentially valuable to you.

Now, behind the scenes, we’ve been building up to this announcement for several weeks — and I’ve been alluding to it in this series of conversations with our editors.

Well, now, I can pull back the curtain and let you know that we are hosting an online conference, later this month, also titled ‘Beyond Oil’.

Now, there are a few really important things to let you know, before I tell you how to register.

First, the dates.

This will be a seven-day online event, starting on Monday, 19 October.

You will get content every single day.

We’re going to be talking to clean energy and investment experts from all over the world over the course of a week. And we’ll stream these talks on an access-only, special event website.

You can expect roughly two pieces of exclusive content a day — but they will be in-depth, richly valuable insights from some of the biggest experts in the world — and I’ll tell you a bit more about them in a second.

Next thing — and it’s BIG…

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that our Beyond Oil online conference is FREE to attend.

That’s right. There’s no charge whatsoever to come to our show.

The only thing we ask is that you register, which you can do on this page.

Now, this is a big deal.

Ideally, we’d put this show on here in Melbourne, or in another major capital city. We’ve hosted many conferences before. And we typically charge around $500 a seat for a two- to three-day show.

But because of COVID, we can’t do that.

So, we’ve moved everything online.

And, thanks to the generosity of our speakers, and some deft negotiating by our people here and in London, we’ve just about managed to cover our costs.

That means you can get access to our clean energy investing conference for FREE.

Now, that is practically unheard of. To be honest, even I’m amazed that we’ve managed to pull it off! But we have. We’ll be opening registration for a limited time. All the details are on this page.

Third thing I want to do is introduce you to my co-host for the Beyond Oil conference.

His name is Kit Winder and he’s based in our London office.

Kit is an analyst and researcher who works alongside James Allen — who you’ve already heard from in this series.

Together, they’ve been exploring the world of clean energy for almost two years from their base on the south bank of the River Thames.

Earlier this year — when I realised that COVID was going to curtail our attempts to put on a big show in Melbourne — I reached out to Kit and James, who I knew had done a lot of exciting work in this area.

They were a great help.

They’d already been talking to several of the energy experts we’d profiled here in Australia. Specifically, those based in the UK, Europe and the US.

Once we’d secured access to these speakers, Kit volunteered to take the hosting duties.

This was mainly because of the nine-hour time difference, and also because, at the time, the UK wasn’t subject to the same kind of draconian lockdown that we were, here in Melbourne.

Anyway, Kit has been unbelievably helpful to us, and he joins me for today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation.

We’re going to be talking more about our conference, the challenges, the speakers, and, most importantly, the ideas we’re going to share over a week’s worth of sessions.

Click the thumbnail below now to watch today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation with Kit Winder.


James Woodburn,
Publisher, Money Morning

PS: Don’t forget to sign up to the Beyond Oil investment conference here.

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