Nuclear Energy and Australia’s Clean Energy Future? — Beyond Oil Part 6

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Welcome to today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation where, in a moment, we’re going to be discussing Australia’s ‘nuclear option’…

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But as you’re learning, the time to move on this is now.

Governments all over the world are talking up the ‘big green recovery’ post-COVID, and many are putting their money where their mouths are.

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Right! Today we’re going to talk about the elephant in the room: Nuclear power.

Now, nuclear doesn’t really get a look in when people talk about clean energy. It’s definitely the unfashionable option.

But should we really dismiss it? Especially when you consider Australia’s vast uranium resources…

Well, helping me unpick this thorny subject are Shae Russell (from The Daily Reckoning Australia, Rock Stock Insider and Hard Money Trader), and Lachlann Tierney (from Money Morning Australia and Exponential Stock Investor).

We’re going to talk about nuclear’s terrible PR problem…how we could be energy independent, potentially for decades, just by using the known uranium in Olympic Dam…

…why the recent attempt in New South Wales to overturn the ban on uranium mining doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things…and much more.

Click the thumbnail below now to watch today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation with Shae and Lachy


James Woodburn,
Publisher, Money Morning

James Woodburn,
Publisher, Money Morning

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