Why Australian Super Funds are Moving Billions into Renewables — Beyond Oil Part 7

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Welcome back to our series of ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations — which we’ve been running all this last week.

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Right. Let’s get to today’s conversation.

Now, we’ve talked a lot these past few days about government and popular support for the transition to a clean energy world.

But what do the markets think?

Are Australian investors bound at the hip to our fossil fuel history?

Or is sentiment in the investment markets changing?

More importantly, if the mood in the investment industry is changing…shouldn’t you get on board with it, and invest with the money…rather than in the past?

Well, joining me today to discuss this important issue is our good friend, and leading market analyst, Selva Freigedo.

I wanted to find out from Selva: At what rate are Australian funds ditching fossil fuel-related stocks?

What are these ‘ESG’ investments we’ve been hearing so much about?

Is the writing on the wall for Australia’s thermal coal producers?

…And why does she think the next five to 10 years will be significant for Australian investors who are seeking growth in their portfolios?

Click the thumbnail below now to watch today’s ‘Beyond Oil’ conversation with Selva Freigedo.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with the last of our ‘Beyond Oil’ conversations. See you then!


James Woodburn,
Publisher, Money Morning

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