Recce Pharmaceuticals Shares Lift as It Pushes Closer to New Trials

2020 has been a busy year for Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd [ASX:RCE].

The biotech small-cap has been tirelessly putting their synthetic anti-infectives to the test. Trying to figure out just how effective the treatment is in dealing with a range of illnesses and diseases.

However, as with any new medicine or treatment, they must first pass intensive trials.

Undergoing rigorous testing to prove the merit and safety of their products. Which is why today Recce has confirmed that it has received ethics approval for a brand-new trial. One that will see their key drug (RECCE 327) put to the test against infected burn wounds.

That news helped lift the RCE share price by 2.83% at time of writing. With the market no doubt watching closely as this biotech goes from strength to strength.

Phase I & II trials all but locked in

Having received approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), Recce can now work towards bringing its stage I and II trials online. Aiming to test RECCE 327 on up to 30 patients during a two-week period.

And from this initial testing, they will be able to decide their next course of action. No doubt hoping to demonstrate a meaningful result for these victims.

As Chairman Dr John Prendergast comments:

Human ethics approval is another milestone for Recce and the clinicians seeking effective treatments to combat the scourge of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Achieving this goal speaks to the dedication of our clinical and research team as we continue to build on our clinical and commercial potential.

This is especially intriguing as Recce has developed a novel ‘spray-on formulation’ specifically for this trial. An indication of the lengths that they have gone to in order to get the result they want.

As for whether it will be successful though, we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, it is just another step in the right direction for this hard-working small-cap. Something that I’m sure shareholders can easily get behind.

What’s next for Recce?

Obviously, the next step for Recce is to see how these trials unfold. Something that will dictate their next course of action.

Broadly speaking though, this biotech is still exploring its potential. After all, an anti-bacterial and anti-infective drug has the possibility for many applications. Which is why Recce is testing their product across so many different ailments.

Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon, because this biotech looks like they’re only just getting started.

Which again, is bound to please shareholders as management has plenty of avenues to pursue. That is, if they wish to.

Time will tell what sort of surprises Recce will have to offer.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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