Immutep Share Price Rises as it Pursues Phase II Study (ASX:IMM)

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When it comes to biotech stocks, few are as ambitious as Immutep Ltd [ASX:IMM].

Because when they’re not battling to try and treat cancer, they’re busy trying to stave off COVID-19. Which is exactly what has sent the IMM share price climbing today.

Immutep is in the midst of a Phase II trial for a potential COVID-19 treatment. Utilising a novel ‘immune modulation’ response to try and boost a patient’s ability to fight off symptoms. A solution that could dramatically help some of the more severe COVID cases.

And as the company notes this morning, that trial now has the full backing of the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB).

Six down, 100 more to go

See, while this trial is technically underway, the DSMB decided to start cautiously.

Only six patients were tested from the outset. Gathering data that could then justify whether to proceed with the randomised portion of the testing. Which would expand the study to include up to 110 patients.

With no adverse effects reported in these first six subjects, the DSMB has given the study the green light. Recommending that full testing begin immediately. Which is great news for Immutep.

As their Chief Science and Medical Officer, Dr Frédéric Triebel, notes:

There continues to be a significant need to develop therapeutics like efti to treat COVID-19 in patients with an insufficient immune response to overcome the viral spread.

The positive recommendation from the DSMB builds on efti’s strong safety profile reported in our clinical studies across several different indications to date. The results of the EAT COVID trial will also be valuable in providing insights into how efti could play a role in treating other acute infectious diseases that constitute a significant unmet medical need, as well as building preparedness for future epidemics and pandemics.’

All Immutep needs now is another positive result from this trial. An outcome that could see them become a vital part of transitioning out of this pandemic.

What’s next for Immutep shares?

Naturally, the company’s focus will now be on ensuring this trial goes well. Doing everything they can to make it a smooth and accurate study of their treatment process.

And while it certainly isn’t the only trial the company is involved in right now; it is certainly a timely one, with the need for COVID-19 solution still very much apparent.

Luckily, the key endpoints are to be measured on day 15. So, while the trial may still take some time to wrap up, at the very least they won’t be waiting months for patient data.

For shareholders, that should be fantastic news.

Because a good result from this trial could send the share price soaring. The sooner the better, too.

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