BARD1 Share Price is Up 83% Today — Here’s Why (ASX:BD1)

Despite their rather unusual moniker, BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd [ASX:BD1] is making a name for themselves today.

This small biotech stock is up 83.22% at time of writing. Surging on the back of some fantastic news for not only shareholders, but also ovarian cancer patients.

Because this small-cap may have just made a huge breakthrough…

Early and accurate detection

See, BARD1 is a diagnostics company. Focusing their efforts on ways to pinpoint and notify patients about all manner of diseases and illnesses.

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And one of their recent development products has revolved around a protein known only as SubB2M. A biomarker that BARD1, along with Griffith University, have been evaluating as a potential tool to diagnose select cancers.

In fact, in their ongoing investigation, university researchers have been able to use SubB2M to detect all stages of ovarian cancer. A diagnosis that has thus far carried 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity.

Making this patented protein a fantastic candidate for early detection of this life-threatening disease.

As CEO Dr Leearne Hinch notes:

The Company is focused on early detection of cancer and our SubB2M technology provides the potential for developing tests for monitoring and detection of multiple cancers.

We will continue to collaborate with Griffith University to develop and validate commercial assays for monitoring treatment response and recurrence in ovarian cancer patients to improve health outcomes for this critical unmet medical need.

It could be a huge breakthrough. One that could net this company a whole lot of revenue if they can successfully develop said test kits.

Plus, with this may just be the first of more wins to come. After all, SubB2M may be just as effective at detecting other cancers as well. At the very least, BARD1 will certainly be looking to explore that possibility.

What’s next for BARD1 Share Price?

With these early results now in, the focus will no doubt remain on further investigation. Exploring the full potential and possibilities of this unique protein.

Then, once the arduous testing is out of the way, BARD1 will need to find a way to create accessible test kits. Whether they be for personal or professional use.

So, with that in mind, it could still be some time before this technology actually becomes commercially available.

Nevertheless, it is something that shareholders will be watching eagerly. With some fantastic potential for this biotech to become a serious contender in massive healthcare industry.

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