BARD1 Life Science Shares Soar a Further 50% on More Positive Data

Last Thursday, the share price of BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd [ASX:BD1] had a massive breakout.

Surging by over 100% on the day, snapping the BD1 share price’s long sideways momentum. All of which was thanks to some fantastic data in relation to their cancer detecting protein — SubB2M.

You can read all about it in our previous coverage, here.

Today though, on the back of this massive move, BARD1 is up a further 50% at time of writing. Doubling down on last week’s great result with even more promising data.

Let’s dive into the details of this tearaway stock.

More data, more gains

Last week, BARD1’s result was all about ovarian cancer. With the company shedding light on SubB2M’s amazing ability to detect the horrible disease with incredible accuracy.

Now, following that find, their research partners at Griffith University have unveiled a similar result for breast cancer. Stating that this protein can detect all stages of breast cancer with 100% specificity and over 95% sensitivity.

Furthering the possibility that BARD1 may be able to use this technology for a whole range of cancers. Providing better and more accurate detection that could help a multitude of patients.

After all, the earlier cancer is detected, the better chance one has at fighting it.

As BARD1 CEO Dr Leearne Hinch comments:

Our SubB2M technology is a revolutionary platform with potential for the development of          tests for monitoring and detection of multiple cancers. A non-invasive, accurate and reliable    blood test or monitoring breast cancer has the potential to enable earlier detection, inform         treatment decisions and improve health outcomes for women diagnosed with this deadly    cancer.

Yet another feather to add to BARD1’s increasingly valuable cap.

A situation that could prime this small-cap to become (dare we say) the next CSL.

At the very least, they seem to have the potential — if they can find a way to commercialise this technology and market it effectively.

What’s next for the BD1 share price?

Just as I mentioned last week, this may still be just the start for SubB2M. With further investigation still to come, which may yield further fantastic results.

But beyond that, it is the commercialisation strategy and planning that will be key. Something that shareholders will want to keep an eye on, as you must keep in mind that BARD1 isn’t making any meaningful revenues right now.

And, until these amazing discoveries make it out of the lab and into the market, this will remain the case.

Right now, though, shareholders must be pleased with what they have so far. A biotech stock that could be holding onto a game-changing breakthrough that may be worth billions in the future.

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Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
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