AnteoTech Share Price Up on Mega-Battery Project Inclusion (ASX:ADO)

It’s not every day you’ll stumble across a company as exciting as AnteoTech Ltd [ASX:ADO].

One day they may be fighting to treat COVID-19, and the next they may be developing bold new ways to unleash new battery energy…

But that goes to show just how innovative and untapped the nanotechnology industry can be. With AnteoTech’s core focus being ‘particle surface chemistry’ as the company puts it.

In other words, developing novel ways at the smallest scale, to provide new solutions.

And in particular, finding new ways to advance the development of life sciences and energy. In fact, you can read all about their Anteobind product in our recent update here.

Today, the market has sent the ADO share price rising 6.25% not because of a pandemic solution, but because of batteries…

Paving the way for an energy revolution

AnteoTech announced this morning that it would now take part in ‘The Super Anode Project’.

A key venture of Future Battery Industries CRC (FBICRC) — a WA-based battery research company.

With a four-year run-time, this Super Anode project is highly ambitious. Seeking to develop, refine, and kick-start a local battery industry in Australia. From simple production of the necessary raw materials, right down to the cell-level science and technology.

And now, AnteoTech is the latest of nine key participants hoping to deliver on the Super Anode objectives. Contributing not only their valuable time, but also an estimated $500,000 over the four-year span.

In exchange though, they will gain valuable access to a team of researchers, testers, and processing capabilities. Effectively providing AnteoTech with the resources to fast track the development of its nanotech surface chemistry.

As their Head of Energy Manuel Wieser comments:

Participation in the Super Anode Project provides our Energy team with a great opportunity to collaborate with key Australian industry parners in the development of silicon active material.

We have already demonstrated solid results with our in-house testing of half cell batteries. This project will take our work to the next level providing scale-up, demonstration and validation opportunities for the silicon composite development work being undertaken by AnteoTech while creating a marketable product and expanding AnteoTech’s IP portfolio.

What does this mean for investors?

Obviously, this all sounds highly technical, but also highly promising.

Giving investors a clear roadmap and understanding of how development of this novel technology may proceed. As well as the opportunity to create a far more robust product than AnteoTech may have done on their own.

However, it should be noted that despite being a massive win, this won’t actually generate revenues for AnteoTech. At least not in the short term.

It is an investment in the company’s potential for long-term returns.

Something that shareholders will need to be very wary of. Because they are speculating on the potential of technology that looks likely to take at least four years to fully develop.

That’s not the kind of investment that everyone is cut out for.

But, if things pan out as management hopes, it could certainly be a lucrative investment.

After all, we’ve seen in recent months just how sizeable the returns from new energy solutions have been.

An opportunity that you can read all about in our detailed report. Dissecting the changes at play, what’s at stake, and how you could profit from the unfolding disruption.

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