Dubber Share Price is Up Heaps on Big Numbers in Quarterly (ASX:DUB)

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At time of writing, the Dubber Corp Ltd [ASX:DUB] share price is up more than 20%, trading at $2.60.

The DUB share price punched higher today as you can see on the chart below:

ASX DUB - Dubber Share Price ChartSource: tradingview.com

That’s a big green bar today, we look at the highlights of the latest DUB quarterly results and the outlook for the DUB share price.

Highlights from DUB quarterly

Here they are:

• Annualised Recurring Revenue (ARR) increased 20% QoQ ($5.6m) to $34m and 158% pcp ($13.2m)

• Revenue increased 54% ($2.32m) to $6.6m QoQ and 152% pcp ($2.61m)

  • Operating cash receipts increased 54% ($2.31m) to $6.55m QoQ and 362% pcp

• Dubber users now exceed 380,000

• The Company has a strong balance sheet, with in excess of $37.7m as at 31 March 2021

Quarterly revenue of $6.6 million may not sound like much against a current market cap north of $665 million.

But in the current environment, future growth is highly valued and DUB has that in spades based on these numbers.

Here’s why I think the outlook for DUB shares is largely positive.

Outlook for the DUB share price

Big moves like this often lead to a retracement over subsequent trading days, and it will be interesting to see if DUB shares can hold a level after a potential pullback.

DUB still went through more than $5 million in operating activities this quarter.

But the underlying story about technology, particularly AI generated insights, is a compelling one.

A bond yield driven value pivot looms as a potential risk to DUB’s outlook though.

The company has a solid cash balance in the numbers above, which should provide some support on a pullback.

The next quarterly will be eagerly anticipated.

If AI is high on your agenda as an investor — be sure to check out our ‘Next BrainChip’ AI stocks report.


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