SOR Share Price Up As It Pivots Towards Defence Market (ASX:SOR)

Pooled development fund/technology investment firm Strategic Elements Ltd [ASX:SOR] share price is on the up today. Trading 3.57% higher at time of writing.

The move comes on the back of the company announcing that it will be entering the defence sector. Looking at ways they can develop products for the industry via their subsidiary: Stealth Technologies.

And while this is still very much early days, it was enough to garner some market interest.

So, let’s take a look at what SOR hopes to accomplish…

An opportunity in threat detection

As already mentioned, SOR is focusing on this new defence effort via Stealth Technologies.

A company whose primary focus is AI and robotics, contrary to what their name may imply. Here is a list of their core capabilities as per SOR’s website:

  1. Physically custom build automated robotic machines.
  2. Integrate computer vision capabilities enabling a computer to see (through cameras and sensors).
  3. Create artificial intelligence through machine learning and software development.

Now though, SOR hopes to bring those capabilities to the fore via a partnership with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST). A subsidiary of the Australian Department of Defence, focusing on developing new technologies to ensure the nation’s safety.

Together, these two entities will be conducting a feasibility and scoping study to evaluate the possibility of robotic/autonomous threat detection, focusing on developing capabilities to search for and detect chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) sources.

In doing so, they hope to provide defence personnel with greater protection from these hazardous threats. Utilising remote drones that can be deployed from unmanned ground vehicles.

It’s an exciting and potentially life-saving development.

One that is bound to please shareholders should this partnership progress further in the future.

And as Managing Director Charles Murphy points out, it is just the tip of the iceberg for Stealth Technologies’ potential:

Stealth Technologies is building a flexible autonomous platform that we intend to deploy in sectors such as security, defence and mining to name a few. We strongly believe there is a huge shift underway in the automation of human function and the machines that we use.

The automation and robotics platform that we are continuing to build and deploy has a tremendous opportunity in front of it and we have a great technical team being superbly led by Executive Director Elliot Nicholls.

What’s next for Strategic Elements Share Price?

Looking ahead, with no actual time frame provided — other than a commitment from DST to pay $50,000 to fund the study on 30 June — it is hard to know where this project will go from here.

It could be a matter of weeks or months until we get any significant update. And even then, it may not proceed at all.

But that is how SOR has made a name for itself — making risky but calculated investments in exciting start-up technology companies.

And for investors, this is likely just the latest in a long line of ongoing projects. By now, they should realise what they’re getting from this stock.

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