Find out Why Strategic Elements Share Price is up 7% Today (ASX:SOR)

The Strategic Elements Ltd [ASX:SOR] is back in the spotlight today. With share price trading 7.14% higher at time of writing.

The move comes on the back of fresh news out of the company on its investment in moisture-powered batteries. One of a handful ‘moonshot’ projects that SOR has committed capital towards.

You can read about more of their ventures in our recent update, here.

As I was saying, though, today’s development is thanks to a novel self-charging battery. Technology that the company has been making notable strides in.

Because while still in its infancy, this battery could revolutionise the way we power certain devices.

A small charge with big opportunities

To put it matter-of-factly, SOR isn’t just designing a new battery, it is designing an entirely new concept of battery power.

This is all due to a novel technology they refer to as ‘Battery Ink’. A collection of advanced graphene oxide that can be printed on select surfaces, including glass and plastic, to make battery cells. And when it comes to powering this ‘ink’ of battery cells, all that is needed is moisture from the air’s humidity.

In effect, making a self-powered device that is completely environmentally friendly.

However, as of right now, the power that these cells can produce is still very low. Far lower than the amount required to power even the simplest of devices.

But SOR is gradually improving the energy output, drawing closer to a breakthrough…

As they note in today’s update, SOR has managed to produce over a milliamp in electrical current from the ink.

This milestone has prompted the company to set ambitious new targets. Including hopes for a demonstration of the inks ability to power a device with sensors and ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ capabilities.

The kind of development that could showcase how this unique battery ink could be used for a range of smart devices. Especially in the wearables and IoT markets.

All of which is slated for the current quarter.

While the more ambitious goal is to produce a milliamp of electrical current solely from moisture. At which point the device would truly reach its self-charging potential.

A milestone that SOR is hoping to achieve sometime in quarter-three (July–September) this year.

As Managing Director Charles Murphy comments:

We have experenices substantial improvement in Battery Ink power output over the past few months. Bringing forward the milliamp demonstration milestone is a highly ambitious goal that will establish the Battery Ink as a leading printable battery technology if it can be achieved.

What’s next for the SOR Share Price?

With these goals already in the pipeline, it is clear that SOR has a firm roadmap ahead. Putting it in a fantastic position if it can meet these milestones on time.

In the grand scheme of things, however, it is still very much early days for this technology. Meaning it will likely be years before shareholders actually see any returns on the balance sheet from this ink.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that they won’t see returns from the share price!

As can be seen today, news that this technology is simply progressing is enough to generate investor interest. Showcasing why this unique stock has attracted plenty of attention in recent months.

Whether or not it will be successful in the long run, though, is the ultimate question.

One that, more than likely, won’t just come down to the success or failure of this self-charging battery.

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