Talga Share Price Studies Support UK Anode Production (ASX:TLG)

The Talga Group Ltd [ASX:TLG] share price was up over 11% this morning, after studies confirmed the feasibility of producing Talga anodes in the UK.

Talga Group is an ASX-listed company based in Perth. They are looking to become a vertically integrated producer of lithium-ion battery anode products in Europe.

The company has several natural graphite resource projects in Sweden. Nunasvaara is their main graphite deposit in the Vittangi project. According to the company, this is the highest grade JORC/NI43-101 resource in the world with 16.9 metric tonnes @25.6% graphite.

Looking to build an anode supply chain outside of Asia

Talga aims to build a European anode and graphene additives supply chain outside of Asia to provide for the European and North American electric vehicle (EV) market.

Talga’s focus right now is to build an integrated graphite anode facility in Sweden, which will be completely powered with renewable electricity. They also operate a pilot processing facility in Germany and a battery anode product and technology centre in the UK.

Talga has been looking at strategic growth opportunities from their Swedish operations. For this they conducted two feasibility studies to determine the technical and commercial prospects of a Talga Anode Refinery in the UK.

Today, Talga announced the results of those studies. They found that it is ‘technically and economically feasible to refine and produce Talga anodes in the UK.

The studies were co-funded by Innovate UK under the UK government’s Automotive Transformation Fund.

These studies were also done independently from their Detailed Feasibility Study for their Swedish Vittangi Anode project, that’s still ongoing.

What happens next to the TLG Share Price?

Talga has sent a summary of their findings to the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), a UK not-for-profit organisation looking to help the UK auto industry move towards net zero.

EVs have been rolling out at a fast pace in Europe in the last year with plug-in sales jumping 137% even with the pandemic. Talga is looking to tap into that growing market.

At time of writing, Talga shares have dropped since this morning and are trading at $1.64, about 3.5% higher than yesterday’s close.

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