Fatfish Share Price Is on the Up, Here’s Why (ASX:FFG)

Novel tech venture company Fatfish Group Ltd [ASX:FFG] is in traders’ sights today. Flying out the gates this morning — share price up nearly 4% — before settling at a 1.4% rise at the time of writing.

The move comes on the back of some great news out of the company. With management showcasing strong growth from one of its many investments.

Just a taste of what investors could expect to come from more of Fatfish’s precise capital allocation.

Fatberry makes its mark

Today’s update from Fatfish is all about Fatberry. A promising new ‘insurtech’ (insurance technology) provider in Malaysia.

And while it’s still early days for Fatberry, the company has big ambitions for the Southeast Asian market. No doubt looking to grow their market share and offering for this rapidly developing region.

The good news though, is that growth is already starting to flow into the businesses top line. With Fatberry reporting a respectable $408,792 worth of sales for the month of May. A 194% increase on its monthly earnings from just three months earlier in January.

So if management can maintain this trend, Fatfish shareholders will have plenty to celebrate.

However, it should be noted that May’s results were slightly down compared to April. Which does go to show how volatile sales could be for Fatberry until it reaches higher thresholds. A challenge that many start-ups have to overcome.

As Fatberry’s CEO John Tan notes, things are moving quickly:

The insurance industry is rapidly going through digitization in Southeast Asia. Fatberry is growing fast, our execution capabilities over the past few months have been outstanding. We will continue to work towards a dominant leadership position in the digital insurance market space we are in.

Good news for Fatberry, and good news for Fatfish. Provided the former can capitalise upon this ripe opportunity ahead of them.

What’s next for Fatfish?

While these developments are exciting, it’s still very much early days. Fatfish shareholders are likely to be looking for more good news to build upon this momentum.

And not just for Fatberry, might I add.

Because as already mentioned, Fatfish is a venture company. Meaning they have investments in a range of companies and sectors. Just as Money Morning covered last week with news of their acquisition of BNPL Next.

So for that reason, investors certainly should have more to look forward to. Especially if Fatfish continues to seek out more potential takeover targets.

After all, when it comes to disruptive fintech offerings, Australia has its fair share. With the ASX now brimming with promising fintech small-caps, some old and some new. Three of which we’ve even earmarked for noteworthy potential in our latest report: ‘Three New Small-Cap Fintechs That Could Weaken the Banks’.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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