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In today’s Money Morning…but what about the ‘fat tailers’?…three million users and growing…financial fascism…and more….

When we first opened the doors of this independent financial publishing house in Australia back in 2005, we were called Port Phillip Publishing.

Our primary focus was bringing you investment ideas you tend not to find in the agenda-shackled mainstream media.

We weren’t terribly focused on having a snazzy name. Our first office had a partial view of Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. And the name had a bit of a ring to it.

Recently, however, we’ve chosen to refocus on some of the core tenets of what we want to do. Chief among them was exploring the financial world — and the opportunities therein — through the prism of ‘fat tails’.

You may already be familiar with the term.

A bell curve ought to be perfect — as perfect as many a Nobel Prize-winner has assumed the market itself is.

But it isn’t.

In fact, the market is not perfect in a mathematical sense or logical sense.

It is only perfect in a moral sense; it gives people what they deserve.

At the extremes, prices no longer follow a logical pattern. Investors become irrationally exuberant when prices reach their peaks at one end of the curve…and desperately fearful at the other end.

Very few stocks, for example, should ever be extremely expensive or extremely cheap. Normally, very few are either.

But what about the ‘fat tailers’?

But at the dark ends of the bell curve, fear, greed, and disruption haunt the markets — and send prices running in unpredictable ways.

Investors buy stocks at ludicrous prices at the top…and sell them at equally ludicrous prices at the bottom. The tails — on both sides of the bell curve — are fattened by absurdities.

If you can anticipate them as an investor…before the mainstream…you stand to unlock potential gains that most mainstream investors never see.

It’s a risky business.

In a real pinch, no one wants to lose a lot of money on uncertainties.

But uncertainties, when it comes down to it, is what we’re all about.

Hence the new name: Fat Tail Investment Research.

And let me tell you now…

We have not seen a tail opportunity THIS fat since
we opened up shop here 15 years ago…

I’m talking about what’s opening up right now with the decentralisation of the financial system.

The introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is the very definition of a fat tail.

Tomorrow, in a brand-new how-to guide, we’ll explain the above statement in full.

You sense a new system rising up to usurp the old one. A great financial disruption — virtually unnoticed — amid the chaos of a pandemic.

You’ve seen crypto prices go into mania mode earlier this year.

Retract in dramatic fashion — with hypey media coverage claiming that crypto enthusiasts were wrong all along…and anyone involved were mugs for getting sucked in.

Very recently, you’ve seen signs of the market coming alive again.

But it’s time you understood what’s REALLY going on…
…right out on the edge of the bell curve…

Tomorrow, prepare to have your eyes opened and your consciousness raised.

We’re going to talk about:

  • Specific, beginner crypto income strategies you can put into place, starting now. A new way to passively grow your wealth has come on the scene: investing in stablecoins. This way of earning income held firm during the recent big sell-off. It didn’t budge. Tomorrow you’ll get a SPECIFIC three-part crypto income strategy. It’s aimed squarely at complete beginners. Although Ryan Dinse is employing it himself with his own money, and it’s working fantastically.
  • How to get a first stake into cryptos now if you’re completely new — sensibly, no matter what prices do on a weekly basis. If you missed out when prices were at much lower levels, you’ve just been given an ‘unbelievable gift’. That’s how Ryan’s labelled this recent stress test for his readers who are beginners here. Yes, cryptos have shown a resurgence in the last week or two, but as long as they’re well down from their US$60k highs earlier in the year, you’ve a unique window open to you. But you need a smart ‘get in’ strategy. We’ll give you one tomorrow.
    • The future of commerce and business. The financial world is ‘tokenising’. This has carried on, uninterrupted, even as prices fell back from highs this year. That means anything you interact with that has value — stocks, bonds, property, fine wine, art — you’re going to be able to transact faster, easier, and cheaper. And with no middleman controlling it or taking a cut.

An entire financial landscape — re-architected. First computers changed the game. Then the internet. Now this…

It’s starting to take off right now. People are taking the first exploratory steps of bringing ‘distributed ledger technology’ into the real world.

It will likely take a decade for this ‘new game’ to become the norm. Right now, if you use the early internet as a yardstick, we are at the stage where people first started buying things on Amazon…or selling their own business products online.

That’s what makes this so thrilling. Tomorrow we’re going to be explaining as much as we can to you, in plain English.

    • The future of digital money. Bitcoin was the start of all this, no question. But just the start. And while crypto’s ‘granddaddy’ has had much of the mainstream limelight, the smartest ‘new game players’ are focusing on other networks that are building the foundations and functionality of tomorrow’s financial system.

In a way, cryptocurrencies are a bit of a red herring. They’re integral to the new game. But as you’ll see when you sit in on our summit, they’re also a bit of a distraction as well. See, the pieces are only now falling into place in the real world. We’re seeing this in 2021.

That said, ‘money’ as we’ve known it is going to change beyond all recognition in a very short time frame. We’re going to explore what happens from here. Place your chips correctly — now — and you’ll potentially position yourself like the earliest internet tycoons did 25 years ago…

    • The future of gold. Does gold have any part to play here? Don’t they call it the ‘barbarous relic’? The answer is yes, absolutely.

You may not know this, but gold has already been tokenised. A token in the ledger represents one gram of gold. And these can be split into even tinier pieces…so you can have a token that represents a nanogram of gold.

What this finally does is introduce almost perfect transparency and traceability in a market that, for thousands of years, has had very little of both.

For gold, this is game-changing.

We’re going to explain how game-changing it is…and what this means for gold investment going forward.

    • The future of the stock market. Imagine a stock market with no middlemen. No brokers. No clearing houses. A completely dependable technology that lets you trade stocks without having to trust, or have your ticket clipped by, any third party. Buying and selling where the settling and clearing is done instantaneously. And with exceptional security.

This is where we are heading. Soon

And what about the actual listed companies that are, right now, adapting to this new trend before everyone else?

Those would be the kind of stocks you want to own, right?

Internet companies usurped oil and banking companies to become the most valuable corporations in the world over the last 20 years. We think these ‘new game’ investment ideas could take over the dominance of even the current internet giants. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Look, on this particular topic, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

We’re talking about a new blueprint for sensible investing that could create whole new wealth legacies over the next decade.

The entire global economy — the entire world — running on decentralised technologies.

Everything that has been in experimentation mode for over a decade is scaling up to this right now, as you read this.

We are at a crucial point in the history of the markets.

In your new guide tomorrow, we focus squarely on WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU, and WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Until then,

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