Nuix Share Price Slips on FY21 Results (ASX:NXL)

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The Nuix Ltd’s [ASX:NXL] share price fell as Nuix reported a 107% drop in net profit after tax on a statutory basis.

NXL shares are currently trading at $2.59 per share, down 9.76%.

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The stock has lost much of its value since its ASX float in December 2020.

NXL shares climbed to an all-time high of $11.05 per share on 22 January, before falling to $2.59.

NXL FY21 performance

 Statutory and Pro Forma Revenue climbed a mere 0.1% to $176.1 million from $175.9 million on a functional currency basis, and 7.4% on a constant currency basis.

New businesses contributed $27.6 million to the revenue while subscription-based revenue rose 93% of the total revenue.

Statutory and Pro Forma Gross Profit increased 1.3% to $157.2 million from $155.2 million.

Statutory EBITDA was down 52.1% to $30.2 million while statutory NPAT sank a substantial 107%.

This meant Nuix reported a net loss after tax of $1.6 million, down from a net profit of $23.6 million in FY20.

NXL did manage to end the financial year with $70.9 million in cash, up from $38.5 million in FY20.

The company also boosted gross margin increased to 89.3%, up from 88.2% in FY20.

Annualised Contract Value (ACV) also grew by 4.1% on a constant currency basis.

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Subscription ACV, generally recurring in nature, rose 10.3% on FY20 in constant currency.

This rise was complemented by a strong rise in consumption (including SaaS) licenses.

Due to increasing customer demand, consumption ACV grew by 22% in constant currency, with SaaS consumption ACV up 20% in constant currency.

Total SaaS customers had increased to 112, up from 71 in the prior corresponding period.

Customer churn continued to track lower, to 3.7% for the full year, highlighting the ‘stickiness of Nuix’s diversified customer base.

Nuix attracted 100 new customers over the course of 12 months, with average order value rising to $240K.

This was primarily driven by higher value wins through a focus on enterprise sales.

Furthermore, customers continued to willingly enter into multi-year deals, with these contracts climbing to 36.3% of revenue for the full year.

Total expenditure dedicated to Research & Development (R&D) stood at $44.3 million, or 25% of revenue.

It is predicted that R&D spend will increase in FY22.

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What’s next for the Nuix Share Price?

Nuix said today that further investments will be made to the ‘cloud beyond the Discover SaaS offering’.

 Nuix also plans to pace-up its product development pipeline backed by increased investments in R&D.

The company plans to build and enhance its Sales and Distribution capability.

Company PresentationSource: Company’s presentation

Now, while Nuix is under selling pressure this year, it is clear that the disruptive uses of technology like AI and machine learning is only set to grow.

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