5GG Shares Flip-Flop — Inches Closer to Cloud Gaming Goal (ASX:5GG)

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If you’re looking for a unique telco company, then Pentanet Ltd [ASX:5GG] is certainly one to keep an eye on. The 5GG Share price is up 1.65% today, after a mixed morning of trading.

This Perth-based company is busy rolling out its high-speed internet plans. Using a mix of fixed-wireless and fixed-line services to compete with the NBN. As well as any resellers of the same national network.

But what really sets Pentanet apart is its cloud gaming aspirations. Vying to become the first major provider of these services in Australia.

Let’s dig deeper into the details…

A brand-new way to play

See, Pentanet has teamed up with multibillion-dollar tech firm NVIDIA Corporation [NASDAQ:NVDA]. Securing an agreement to roll out Nvidia’s ‘GeForce Now’ cloud gaming service to Australian users.

Think of this product as like the Netflix equivalent for computer games. Allowing you to play a game via a streamed application, rather than owning the media yourself. And, most importantly of all, allowing you to play hardware-intensive games on systems that wouldn’t typically be able to run these types of software.

It’s a service that has widely been heralded as the future of gaming by many. But the technology is still in its relative infancy and trying to iron out all the kinks. With a little more development and polish though, it could live up to this disruptive potential. Replacing expensive gaming systems or consoles in the same way that Netflix has replaced physical media in movies and TV.

And today, Pentanet has revealed that it is ready and raring to roll out GeForce Now to Aussie gamers. Noting that the installation and setup of the cloud infrastructure has been complete.

So, with this step out of the way, they will now move toward beta testing. Ahead of the much more important commercial launch in October. With pricing of the service set to be revealed in the coming weeks.

As Managing Director Stephen Cornish comments:

Our internal team, most of whom are gamers themselves, trialled a variety of games across many devices over the weekend. From Cyberpunk on a 2014 MacBook to Destiny 2 on a five-year-old Samsung Galaxy, we continue to be impressed by the performance of GeForce NOW. We are excited to get the service into the hands of the public and demonstrate the power of this technology.’

Now all investors must do is wait and see how popular this product turns out to be. Because if Pentanet is lucky, they may be a part of the next big disruption in digital media.

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What’s next for Pentanet Share Price?

As I’ve already outlined, testing of GeForce Now is already underway. Work that will continue all the way to the lead up of the final launch next month.

No doubt the next couple of weeks will be busy for Pentanet. Because with their small operations, a good launch is what they really need.

Shareholders will certainly be hoping to see strong take-up of the offer as well. Something that will be interesting and telling for the future of this stock. After all, with no competitor to really compare to, it is basically impossible to know how popular GeForce Now will be.

Again though, with its disruptive potential, the sky may truly be the limit.

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