PH2 Share Price Up 8% on the Back of a Two-Day Surge (ASX:PH2)

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Pure Hydrogen Corporation [ASX:PH2] share price is flying today.

The small-cap energy innovator is up 8.65% at time of writing, after already climbing 17.6% yesterday. A move that has helped the stock rebound from its recent pullback in momentum over the past month.

So, while the share price certainly isn’t close to challenging new all-time highs yet, it is headed back in the right direction. Something that is bound to please shareholders as this exciting company furthers its hydrogen-powered solutions.

For now, though, let’s take a look at the reason for today’s surge…

Portable power with a hydrogen twist

On the back of announcing the release of their ‘portable energy’ solution yesterday, Pure has followed up with a presentation on ‘Building the Hydrogen Eco System’.

In it, management is clearly putting forward their rationale for the business’ future. Outlining the huge shifts and potential for hydrogen to become a crucial part of the global energy mix in years to come. Including an estimated 10-fold increase in demand for this novel gas.

On top of this, Pure are clearly banking on the ability for hydrogen-powered vehicles to grow in popularity. An alternative that may be able to compete with the increasing development of electric vehicles.

As the presentation notes, though, this would require significant investment and development in infrastructure. With a need to fund and build a complete ecosystem to support the feasibility of such a goal.

However, that is precisely what this stock is aiming to do:

Pure Hydrogen has a unique offering — the first Australian company, and one of the first companies globally covering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the supply and manufacturer of hydrogen and delivery systems.

Pure’s strategy is to showcase projects across the full Hydrogen value chain to investors and potential customers.

As for whether Pure will be able to achieve this goal, though, only time will tell.

Because at the very least, it is safe to say that their vision is ambitious. Particularly when we’re talking about disrupting the energy market.

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What’s next for the Pure Share Price?

With their objectives made clear, and a solid response regarding their portable units, the focus for Pure is simply to maintain momentum.

They need to remain steadfast in progressing towards this broader ecosystem goal. Something that will require small steps in the immediate future, before much bigger strides and advancements can follow.

So, with that in mind, shareholders will need to have a lot of conviction in the long-term potential here.

Because even if this is a stock that has shown glimpses of amazing short-term returns, a lot of that is still built upon the long-term narrative. A fact that all investors will want to keep in mind when evaluating this stock.

On top of this, Pure certainly isn’t the only hydrogen player making moves at the moment. We’ve found another exciting ASX-listed competitor that is also looking to capitalise on this unique energy boom. For more info, check out our full report right here.


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