Quantum Breakthrough Pushes Archer Shares 10% Higher (ASX:AXE)

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Small-cap quantum computing stock Archer Materials Ltd [ASX:AXE] has made quite the discovery, it seems. The tiny tech stock has told investors today that it has detected quantum information at room temperature.

This would be a huge breakthrough for this emerging industry — something that could help make everyday access to quantum technology a whole lot more feasible.

As you’d expect, that sent the share price soaring by 10%. The kind of move that may just be the beginning of a much bigger rise if Archer’s breakthroughs continue.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the details…

Nothing lukewarm about this discovery

Archer has provided a fairly dense and jargony update today. And while it is certainly hard to grasp all of what they had to say (unless you’re a physicist), the gist is pretty clear:

The Company for the first time has detected quantum information‡ in the 12CQ qubit material on-chip and at room temperature using mobile phone compatible technology. Archer and teams from EPFL have now used a single-chip integrated electron spin resonance (“ESR”) detector based on a high electron mobility transistor (“HEMT”) technology to detect and characterise the as-prepared 12CQ qubit material in a controlled atmosphere at room temperature.

What this means is that Archer has produced and witnessed quantum information working in a room temperature environment. A key distinction, as up until last year, most quantum computing research required temperatures in the high negatives in order to remain stable.

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Sometimes up to hundreds of degrees below freezing.

2021, though, saw a slew of room temperature quantum computing breakthroughs. And now, it seems Archer has brought that same development to mobile phone compatible technology. Meaning that Archer could be leading the way in making the first quantum-powered mobile devices.

At least, that is the end goal. And while this update is a huge step toward this objective, we are still likely a long way off having readily available quantum devices.

What’s next for Archer?

Looking ahead, investors will no doubt be hoping for more breakthroughs to come. As for when or what that may entail, only time will tell.

As an exciting and speculative tech play, though, Archer certainly hasn’t disappointed. Sure, the share price has fallen from its ultra-high peaks, but the long-term potential is still strong.

However, competition is rising. And as developments in AI also continue to heat up, the race for the next major leader in computing technology is yet to be seen.

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