Special Edition: A Peek behind the Curtain

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Hi, Imogen van der Meer here, I’m the Managing Editor at Fat Tail Investment Research. Due to the geopolitical events impacting markets, we’ve got a special Money Morning edition for you today.

The overnight development of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put the markets on a bit of a roller coaster ride.

We went to sleep with stocks down, and gold and oil prices up. We woke up to the exact opposite.

In such volatile times, it can be tricky to maintain your conviction as an investor and trust that your risk management strategies can withstand this mayhem.

Which is why you come to us for a bit of extra guidance, and a clear path forward amidst the doom and gloom erupting from the mainstream media.

And today, we’ve pulled out all the stops to give you the best guidance possible.

We’re giving you a free glimpse at content that is usually reserved for our paid-up subscribers.

It’s a video interview between our Publisher, James ‘Woody’ Woodburn, and our Editorial Director, Greg Canavan. It was sent out in The Insider, a three-times-weekly newsletter that you can only get access to if you subscribe to one of our investment advisories.

With so much chaos going on and the mainstream news contributing to the noise, we think it’s important for all of our readers to hear this message.

When major events like this occur, it’s easy to lose your head.

Stock prices themselves tend to overreact, as we’ve seen in the last 24 hours.

Don’t follow the herd.

In times like these, it’s important to stay calm, be rational, and not panic.

That’s the message we want you all to take away today.

Click here to watch Woody and Greg’s full discussion.


Imogen van der Meer,
Managing Editor, Fat Tail Investment Research

About Imogen Van Der Meer

Imogen is a research analyst at Fat Tail Investment Research, she holds an RG146 certification in securities and is currently completing a Masters Degree at the University of Melbourne. She has a particular interest in fintechs and the exciting innovations coming out of ASX-listed small caps.

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