‘THIS Is the Next Lithium’: My Huge Call

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In today’s Money Morning…a shining light in increasingly dark times…the METAVERSE:
explained and deconstructed for Aussie investors…the truth lies somewhere in between…and more…

You may have missed the boat.

Or you might be one of the lucky ones who caught it early and are now sitting on a suite of huge gains as a result.

But lithium has been the quiet exponential investing success story of the last few years.

The supply/demand explosion created by the EV revolution has sent lithium prices soaring, with current rates estimated to be eight times higher than just a year ago.

Certain lithium stocks have gone exponential as a result.

Right now, I’m told, our company’s report on lithium is getting the highest response of any other investing report we have out there…by orders of magnitude. It’s smashing gold, small caps, cryptos, you name it.

But there’s the problem.

It’s a general rule that by the time an idea is injected into the veins of the mainstream…the explosive growth potential has already been baked into prices.

And the exponential gains have already been baked into stock prices.

Which brings me to my big call today.

Any gains you’ve ruefully seen made by those who owned the right lithium producers three years ago…forget about them.

They’re nothing.

A grain of sand in comparison to what I see coming from another exponential megatrend that’s only just starting to crest.

We’ve just released a new investment prediction paper that is rather controversial — even by our standards.

It’s cautious and sceptical.

But it’s also unabashedly bullish…which will seem rather counterintuitive with all the chaos and confusion in the financial and geopolitical worlds right now.

But I’ll come right out and say it on record.

If we’re even half right on the conclusions we draw here…and the initial five stocks we’re targeting…this could be the mother of all exponential plays.

Bigger than getting into the main cryptos in the early 2010s.

Bigger, even, than owning all the FAANG stocks in their earliest days of being listed.

A shining light in increasingly dark times

I’ve worked in the investing industry for two decades in a variety of roles.

I’ve worked as a senior credit analyst at a big bank, as a lending executive at a start-up finance company, as a financial advisor at a top-tier investing firm, and as a hopeful fintech entrepreneur.

But it took a long time before I caught my first true ‘exponential’ wave.

As you may know, I now dedicate my professional life to searching for outsized gains through exponential megatrends.

It would take me more than a decade into my career to finally ride my first exponential trend properly.

In a way, the dotcom boom was the worst thing I could’ve seen to start off my investing journey.

It made me greedy for the gains I wanted to make. A steady 10% per annum return? Forget that! I wanted ‘multi-baggers’ — stocks that could make two-times, five-times, or even the fabled 10-times your initial stake.

And in the early days, as I scrimped together some trading cash from my first job, I’d put it into the market looking for a ‘lottery ticket’ win.

But this wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, and I made every investing mistake in the book.

I scrolled online forums looking for reasons to stay in poorly-judged stocks, I got caught up in my emotions, and I had no clue about risk management (I thought that was for wimps).

Simply put, I had unrealistic expectations, no real plan, and was over-optimistic about my own abilities.

Unfortunately, with investing, experience is often the best teacher.

You need to lose cold, hard cash to learn your lessons.

My colleague and friend Greg Canavan always says that first chunk of capital you lose in the markets is the best money you’ll ever spend on educating yourself.

It certainly was for me…

But, in another way, the dotcom boom was the best way to start as well.

It showed me what was possible if I was ready when the right opportunity came along.

It taught me to be sceptical first, above everything else.

Even when your heart is screaming at you that something big is about to happen…and the mainstream hasn’t quite grasped it yet.

Long story short, this journey led me to developing a sceptical framework for finding and DECONSTRUCTING megatrends when they are still in their murky infancy.

Which is why we’ve brought all our sceptical tools to the table in deconstructing what could become the defining money-maker for speculative investors between 2020 and 2050

Explained and deconstructed for Aussie investors

Yeah, yeah.

I know.

The metaverse is all over the search engines in recent months.

The big pivot by Facebook.

The gushing press (mostly written by hacks who don’t have a clue).

The Wall Street hype men doing their usual shtick.

The initial, ill-judged run-up in stocks even just tangentially related.

Then the big pullback (admittedly not helped by a wider tech sell-off…and the worst stock market start to a year since 2008).

But stick with me.

Long-time readers of my newsletters will know I have a bit of game in accurately deconstructing these trends when they’re in their initial mania phase.

We did it with cryptos. And with blockchain stocks.

Both of those went through similar chaotic early stages — full of hype, false dawns, misinformation, and ‘experts’ who really don’t know what they’re talking about.

The truth is…the confusion and depressed prices you’re seeing right now…THAT’S YOUR ‘IN’.


You MUST pull the trigger on THE RIGHT INVESTMENTS.

The stuff the Wall Street guys are shilling…the spurious gaming stocks…NFTs and ‘virtual land’…forget about all that.

That’s for the rubes.

As you’ll see here, great treasures are there for the taking if you look for who is ACTUALLY building the foundations of this metaverse thing, right now.

If you’re a speculator by nature, the just-forming metaverse concept presents you with a conundrum…

Is selecting the right metaverse investments now really like buying the right stocks at the very start of the internet?

And riding them right up to their peaks?


Is the metaverse just a ‘spectacularly stupid’ (in the words of tech CEO Phil Libin) mania…for suckers only?

 The truth lies somewhere in between…

Everyone is spewing out predictions for the metaverse right now.

And yet, when you have experience in investing in exponential tech trends at their birth…you learn things are rarely black and white.

You need to think creatively, but also see past the buzzwords and the future casting and empty promises.

Which is why you need to read our just-published report.

It’s a refreshingly sceptical take on this whole metaverse thing.

It looks at it through the lens of Australian investors. We look at the pitfalls and propaganda. But, at the end, we uncover five intriguing, little-known metaverse ‘foundation builders’…hiding right under your nose, right here in the lower echelons of the ASX.

I urge you to make time for it today.

Even if you don’t buy the obscure plays we’ve uncovered, I hope you’ll find its refreshingly frank take interesting and useful.

Click here to read ‘Metaverse Mania DECONSTRUCTED: A Sceptic’s Guide to Becoming an Early Stakeholder in Web 3.0’.

Good investing,

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