Jim Rickards : World Economic Forum’s Great Reset

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Jim Rickards provides an update on the Great Reset Agenda, which was a prevalent topic of discussion prior to the pandemic.


Rickards answers a reader’s question regarding the ‘eerie silence’ from the world economic forum of late, explaining the silence comes from them “getting what they want”.

Jim Ricakrds explains that the reason there is silence is because they’re getting everything they (The World Economic Forum) want.

In other words if if you weren’t getting what you want you’d be banging the drum and having new conferences and Klaus Schwab would be writing new books. The fact that they’re not saying anything tells you something. It tells you they’re getting what they want

What does the World Economic Forum want?

They want central bank digital currencies. They want SDR’s, they want something that looks like world money, but above all, they want digital money to get rid of cash

Because if you have cash you have degrees of freedom you can pend it the way you want there’s not necessarily any kind of real-time tracing of your shopping preferences or whereabouts.

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