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In today’s Money Morning…the great medical leap forward…replacement parts…diagnosis…senescence…and more…

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about the collision of three big forces that are combining to lengthen and improve our lives. I’m calling this whole theme ‘The 200-Year Human’.

Last week I wrote about the evolution of genetic modification, and how the next stage of this journey is self-evolution. This is the process of humanity editing and evolving itself.

The week before I wrote about how the human body is going to be the platform for the next wave of the tech revolution. We’re seeing the early stages now, with several brain chip implant trials taking place.

Well, today, I want to take this discussion one step further. We’ve just seen a massive breakthrough that could change our lives forever. It’s one we can’t ignore.

It could be the key to doubling or even tripling the human lifespan, and it all comes down to a study published just last month with some astounding results.

Needless to say, this is going to create some very big investment opportunities. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first, I want to introduce the third force that is enabling the 200-year human, and the main elements to look out for.

The great medical leap forward

The last couple of decades have seen big improvements in our medical understanding and technology. Our biggest diseases and ailments are being tackled with improvements in many areas.

Measuring and scanning, artificial intelligence, and a greater understanding of the body’s functions, just to name a few.

The great medical leap forward is happening across all areas of the health sphere. And there are three areas that are critical in birthing the 200-year human.

Replacement parts

The first is replacement parts. By that, we’re talking mainly about organ transplants. Last week I mentioned the first pig-to-human heart transplant success, which was made possible with genetic modification. That’s a major leap forward, and it required some pretty big advancements in our abilities.

It’s not just donor organs we can look forward to, though.

A US-based company called BIOLIFE4D recently hit the news for creating a miniature 3D-printed human heart. The end goal is a full-sized working heart designed specifically for the patient and using some of their own tissue.

The company is eyeing a US-based IPO (initial public offering) this year. They’ll certainly be one to watch out for.

There’s a big push happening in the 3D printing of organs. Some companies are searching for a way around the need for using human tissue as an input.

Our most recent recommendation for Exponential Stock Investor is a company that may have solved this problem. They could be supplying our replacement organ tissue in the near future.

3D-printed organs need 3D printers. That’s where companies like Bico (Bio Convergence) come in. They supply 3D printers, which are used to create models and structures of living tissue. In fact, they supplied the 3D printer which BIOLIFE4D used to print the miniature human heart.

Last year saw the first patient to have their sight restored with a full artificial cornea implant. The device created by CorNeat Vision integrates with the eye wall without requiring any donor tissue. It looks something like this:

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So organ transplants are very much starting to mature as a science. This decade looks promising for this aspect of life extension, but it’s not the only aspect undergoing big changes.


The second aspect is improvements in diagnosis. This has been aided by a better understanding of proteins and other indicators in our blood. They can tell us early on that a problem is developing.

There are a plethora of small and big companies exploring this space at the moment, with some of them coming up with some pretty big findings.

We’re also becoming more advanced with scanning and imaging.

We’ve a couple of holdings on the Exponential Stock Investor buy list that are ushering in the next generation of this technology, including one which brings surgery planning right into the metaverse. You can read up a bit more about this technology here.

So this is all helping us to identify problems earlier. Knowing about the problems earlier will give us a better chance of fixing them before they get too severe.

But there’s one problem that’s always with us…


The third aspect is what’s called senescence, which is the deterioration of the functions of our cells as we age. You can think of this as the core essence of aging itself, whereby our body heals and replaces cells at a slower rate as we get older.

Well, this area has seen some remarkable breakthroughs recently. In fact, scientists were recently able to not just stall aging, but actually reverse the aging process in mice. That’s a huge leap forward.

Reversing this aging process is now within sight, and we could see a meaningful impact on our lives this decade with this research.

This research is still brand new. Scientists are still trying to understand exactly what it all means. But needless to say, the implications are big. Imagine getting in early on the company that cures aging!

Doesn’t that just sound like a black swan event for the life insurance industry? And when someone is getting wiped out, someone else is winning big.

These three aspects of the great medical leap forward are all exciting in their own right. They all bring lots of investment opportunities.

Yet this great medical leap forward is just one of the three forces colliding to form the 200-year human. Genetic modification and screening will be combined with direct chip implants and a greater understanding of how to detect and solve medical problems.

Our first stock in this theme for Exponential Stock Investor is a great example of this whole big collision. They’re growing the goo that’ll be used to print replacement human body parts.

But they’re not the only investment in this theme we’re eyeing this year. We hope to have a few more under our belt before the year is done.

If you want to find out more about the types of investment opportunities I’m looking at, you can check out Exponential Stock Investor here.

Until next week,

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