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As the Editor of the weekend edition of Money Morning Alana brings you a summary of the news for the week, and her own take on the week’s most important story in markets. She is also a writer and editor for Port Phillip Publishing’s political publication, The Australian Tribune.

The Recession Australia Needs?

Australian RecessionWith the Reserve Bank of Australia unable to flood the economy with cash, a recession may be the only way out Australia has. A lot more pain before any gain. While Australia was well placed in the last financial crisis, it doesn’t seem that will be the case the next time round. So will next time be the recession Australia needs to have?

Were You a Winner or a Loser in This Year’s Budget?

budgetOn Friday we saw Labor leader Bill Shorten’s response to the government’s tax cuts, with their own proposed tax cuts focused on low to middle income earners. Labor’s cuts would mean that those earning between $37,000 and $90,000, would receive double the tax cut proposed by the coalition government in this year’s federal budget.

How Australia Could Benefit from a Trade War

Fingers walking up on stacks of coins, trade war, stocksAs previously stated, China is Australia’s largest trade partner. And the US is Australia’s third largest (with Japan coming in second). The US is Australia’s biggest foreign investor. China comes in seventh spot. So Australia could potentially have trade wins from both nations, if tensions increase between the two.

What’s the Price of Financial Independence?

Aussie economy financial freedom, cost of livingHow can one become financially independent? There are many plans that could potentially make you financially free if you are self-disciplined. Things like visualisation and planning can help you reach your goals. Budgeting is also a great way to monitor your spending.

Trade War Firestorm More of an Ember

trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsThe threat of a trade war between the US and China has diminishing. It’s interesting to note that Trump’s continued threats seem to have forced China’s hand. Now that the threat of a US–China trade war is receding, Australia can turn its attention to more positive developments. The Australian government is hinting towards trade talks with Britain.

How Do You Feel About Tax Cuts?

Australian tax cutsPrime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may be one step closer to passing corporate tax cuts. This comes after One Nation’s Senator, Pauline Hanson, backflipped and announced she would back the company tax plan. Ms Hanson struck a deal with the Turnbull government. But what does this tax cut plan mean for Aussie businesses and workers?

Will the Big Four Banks Get Away with Their Behaviour?

big four banks royal commissionWhile the banks may be humiliated and reprimanded, and while their stocks may fall due to a lowering of consumer confidence…all the commission can really do is demand that the banks tell all. The commission can then give recommendations to the federal government. But whether the banks do anything, or even take on these recommendations, is a whole other story.