Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic is part of the editorial team here at Money Morning. She contributes to bringing you Money Morning each day, along with all of Fat Tail Investment Research’s many other publications.

As the Editor of the weekend edition of Money Morning Alana brings you a summary of the news for the week, and her own take on the week’s most important story in markets. She is also a writer and editor for Fat Tail Investment Research’s political publication, The Australian Tribune.

Is a GFC 2.0 on the Horizon?

Central banks around the world used stimulus packages to boost their economies and in Australia, it also kept us out of a recession. For this to work, countries had to spend money, which has led to debt.

Why Banks and Government Want High House Prices

Without a rising and stable real estate market, the economy will suffer. Both federal and state governments benefit from higher property prices. They can generate more fees and taxes from higher land prices, allowing more money to flow through to governments.

The Recession Australia Needs?

With the Reserve Bank of Australia unable to flood the economy with cash, a recession may be the only way out Australia has. A lot more pain before any gain. While Australia was well placed in the last financial crisis, it doesn’t seem that will be the case the next time round. So will next time be the recession Australia needs to have?

Royal Commission Punishing Banks or Shareholders?

Do you like being ripped off? I didn’t think so. But that’s exactly what the big banks of Australia are being accused of. The banks’ reputations are in tatters, but will that be all the punishment they receive? And what will it mean for their shareholders?
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