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Alana Sumic is part of the editorial team here at Money Morning. She contributes to bringing you Money Morning each day, along with all of Port Phillip Publishing’s many other publications.

As the Editor of the weekend edition of Money Morning she brings you a summary of the news for the week, and her own take on the week’s most important story in markets. She is also a writer and editor for Port Phillip Publishing’s political publication, The Australian Tribune.

Will the Big Four Banks Get Away with Their Behaviour?

big four banks royal commissionWhile the banks may be humiliated and reprimanded, and while their stocks may fall due to a lowering of consumer confidence…all the commission can really do is demand that the banks tell all. The commission can then give recommendations to the federal government. But whether the banks do anything, or even take on these recommendations, is a whole other story.

Would You Join the Amazon Bank?

Amazon bankOnline retailers are convenient. But is there anything more convenient than doing your banking where you shop? That’s Amazon’s next big idea. It was reported this week that Amazon is in talks with financial institutions to launch a ‘checking-account-like’ product.

Stagnant Wage Growth to Continue into 2020

wage growthAustralians’ pay packets may be growing in pure numerical terms. But once you factor in interest, you can see that wage growth has been steadily declining since the 1970s. No matter how hard you try and spin in, there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight for Aussie workers.