Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic is part of the editorial team here at Money Morning. She contributes to bringing you Money Morning each day, along with all of Fat Tail Investment Research’s many other publications.

As the Editor of the weekend edition of Money Morning Alana brings you a summary of the news for the week, and her own take on the week’s most important story in markets. She is also a writer and editor for Fat Tail Investment Research’s political publication, The Australian Tribune.

Markets Get Nothing from Santa This Year

The end of 2018 could have potentially signalled then end of the bull market. A Santa rally is almost certainly well and truly out of the question. So what does this mean for markets in 2019?

How Much Tax Did We Really Pay?

In a time of stagnant wage growth, rising electricity bills and climbing living costs, hardworking Australians are just trying to stay afloat. But there is one institution that is making it even harder for everyday Aussies to get by. The…

Is the China Boom Over?

Since the beginning of 2018, Chinese stocks have lost over 30% of their value. So what does China plan to do to increase spending and the economy as the boom finally comes to a close?
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